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The Best Maca Root Supplement For Different Use Cases

Maca has a long and rich history of being used as a medicinal plant by the Peruvian people for thousands of years. Grown at very high altitudes in the Andes mountains, maca root is now used worldwide for its health benefits.

What The Best Maca Supplements Do: A Quick Recap Of Maca’s Benefits

Maca root offers a wide range of benefits.  Maca root can improve the sexual health of both men and women. Studies have shown the maca root can increase sexual desire, improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and improve healthy sperm count.   

In women, maca has also been used to treat sexual dysfunction as well as depression symptoms. 

Use of maca powder has also been shown to improve sports performance, brain cognition, and to treat mood disturbances.

Even if it’s just taking advantage of the high concentration of vitamins and minerals in maca root, regular maca supplementation can help you live a healthier life. 

How To Spot The Best Maca Brands

There has been an influx of brands on the market that sell maca root with its widespread use. Naturally, some of these are better than others; and unfortunately, some brands are flat-out fake. When looking for maca brands to trust, keep an eye out for these:

  • Do they have good reviews that look real?
  • Is their website professional?
  • Do they offer CoAs?
  • Do they have testing for aflatoxin, a type of mycotoxin?

Once you have established the trustworthiness of a brand, price is going to be another determining factor. Depending on the brand and quantity bought, prices can range anywhere from $0.60 per ounce to above $4.00.  

You may also come across maca supplements from different places of origin. If possible, try to stick with Peruvian maca as their composition is similar to what has been used throughout history. However, remember that a brand that even sell Peruvian maca must meet the requirements mentioned above.  

The last decision you will need to make is to buy maca powder or maca pills. Maca root powder is generally cheaper than capsules and allows more flexibility with dosing or use. Be aware that maca powder does have an earthy taste and may take some time to acquire a taste for it. This is regardless of the brand as it is a natural attribute. This is why those who choose maca powder will often make maca smoothies to help hide the taste.

Brands are found across the internet. We stick to brands that have multiple selling platforms, with their own site being most important. This demonstrates a level of professionalism when compared to other brands which are only sold through Amazon.

The Best Maca Root Supplements, Reviewed

The Maca Team Tri-Color Maca Powder

Best Maca Powder

The Maca Team Tri-Color Maca Powder

The Maca Team is a family-run, fair trade company that sources their maca directly from co-op farms in Peru that use 100% organic and traditional agriculture to cultivate maca. All of their products are USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO and come with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) to ensure their quality. Their Tri-color Raw Maca powder is made from red, black, and yellow maca roots, with each type having its own unique benefits

Note: in 2020, we tested their raw maca for the harmful mold aflatoxin and found no detectable levels.

The Maca Team Tri-Color Maca Capsules

Best Maca Capsules

The Maca Team Tri-Color Maca Capsules

The best maca root capsules, again, are produced by The Maca Team.  These capsules contain the same tri-color maca powder but in a convenient form to make consumption easier.  They only use vegan capsules that are made from 99% vegetable cellulose and are packaged in jars made with dark amber plastic to protect the capsules from light.

There are a few reasons why we prefer The Maca Team Maca Root Capsules over other brands such a NaturaLife Labs. We have personally tested The Maca Team for aflatoxin and found no detectable levels, they comes in a convenient size of 750mg for dosing (NatureLife Labs comes in 1,900mg), and the Maca Team sources their maca root directly from Peru (NatureLife Labs is grown in the US).

Healthworks Raw Maca Powder

Best Raw Maca Root Powder

Healthworks Raw Maca Powder

Healthworks has built close relationships with small farms located directly in Peru. This gives them the ability to work closely with the native farmers to ensure the purest and freshest raw maca root powder of the highest-quality.  The raw maca root powder from Healthworks is keto-friendly, vegan, non-GMO, and certified organic.

Zen Spirit Peruvian Maca Powder

Best Peruvian Maca Powder

Zen Spirit Peruvian Maca Powder

Zen Spirit sources its USDA Organic Certified macs powder directly from Junin, Peru. Its maca farms sit high at 2,700-4,300 meters above sea level, keeping it in the perfect climate for great maca. Zen Spirit has already served over 100,00 customers looking to benefit from their fine-quality, organic maca powder; it’s also non-irradiated, 100% vegan, gluten-free, and 100% chemical-free!

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