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Our mission is to give our readers clarity about wellness – to unwind the claims, the science, the ingredients or materials, and the effects to find what’s actually true.

We work with field experts, medical professionals, scientific labs, information designers and developers to bring wellness information to light.

Press / journalist looking for info?

The Unwinder creates proprietary knowledge about supplements and wellness products and the wellness business.  

Our team is available to answer relevant inquiries from the press. 

Email press@the-unwinder.com to get in touch.

Want us to review your product?

We are always interested in learning about new products. However, we do not accept free product, paid reviews, or any other enticement that could bias a review. 

If you’d like your product on our radar, please get in touch through the contact form below. 

Interested in advertising?

The Unwinder reaches an audience that cares about wellness and going beyond the basics to optimize their life and health. We offer standard and custom ad programs. See our Offerings page for more details. 

Submitting an article?

We want to hear your stories – about what you do to be your best, about struggling with or overcoming sleeplessness, anxiety, pain, and all the other maladies western medicine and lifestyle leaves us so ill-equipped for.

We want to hear your stories about your practices – mindfulness, meditation, cooking, diet, yoga, all of those things we do to balance and be our best.

Email editorial@the-unwinder.com with pitches. 

Note: The Unwinder does not accept “guest post” or similar backlink-seeking articles.

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