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The Best Maca Root Pills, Maca Capsules, And Organic Maca Pills On The Market

Native to the mountains of Peru, maca is a plant that has been used as a herbal supplement for more than 2,000 years. Found at heights between 3,500 to 4,500 feet, maca is cultivated for its roots, which are prepared in various ways for consumption. It’s eaten for its rich nutritional value and is used medicinally to enhance fertility, libido, and energy. 

Maca Pills Benefits

Maca’s possible benefits include:

Other maca studies suggest it may reduce fatigue and enhance cognitive learning skills. However, to date, most of these studies have only been done on animals.

Maca Powder vs. Maca Pills

Using maca pills provides you with several benefits over using maca powder.

  • You don’t have to taste the maca—some find the taste unpleasant
  • Pills come in various doses, which means you don’t need to measure your doses every day
  • Convenient to take with a glass of water

However, pills tend to cost a bit more than powder.

Our Maca Pills Reviews – The Best Maca Root Pills On The Market

Here are our top 3 picks for maca root pills. When looking at what pills to buy, be sure to look at:

  1. The reputation of the company and it’s quality
  2. The value of the pill by looking at the unit price *Prices shown are at the time of this writing*
Maca Team Tri-Color Raw Maca

Best Maca Root Pills

Maca Team Tri-Color Raw Maca (organic maca root pills)

The Maca Team is a family-run, fair trade company that sources their maca directly from co-op farms in Peru that use 100% organic and traditional agriculture to cultivate maca. All of their products are USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO, and come with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) to ensure their quality. Their Tri-color Raw Maca capsules are made from red, black, and yellow maca roots;each type of maca may have its own unique benefits. Note: in 2020, we tested their raw maca for the harmful mold aflatoxin, and found no detectable levels.

Their 200 count of 750mg costs $23.01. This makes a 500 mg serving cost $.08.

Nature’s Way Maca Root Capsules

Trusted Brand In The Wellness Space

Nature’s Way Maca Root Capsules

Nature’s Way has been around for 50 years and has developed a good reputation for delivering high-quality dietary supplements. They are not a sketchy “Amazon seller”. Their maca root capsules are non-GMO and vegan/gluten-free. ConsumerLab, an industry-recognized consumer advocate and testing authority, tested Nature’s Way maca root capsules and found that they are authentic (they contain maca in the quantities listed), and that lead, cadmium, and arsenic levels are lower than acceptable limits. One downside to Nature’s Way maca root capsules is each pill only contains 325 mg of black maca root, which means you need to consume more to meet your daily dose requirement.  

Their 60 count of 350 mg capsules costs $13.36. This price makes them the most expensive, with each 500 mg serving costing $0.32.

Now Foods Maca 500mg Capsules

Best Maca Pills Value

Now Foods Maca 500mg Capsules

NOW Foods is a very popular and reputable brand that has been around  for over 50 years. It is family-owned and operated, and offers a full line of products, including vitamins and minerals, sports supplements, and essential oils. Their 500 mg maca capsules are non-GMO, kosher, vegan, UL certified, and GMP certified through the FDA. 

Their 250 count of 500 mg capsules costs $12.96, making them the most cost-efficient on the list, with 500 mg costing $0.05.

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