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The Best Black Maca Root Powder And Black Maca Pills On The Market Today

Found high up in the Andes mountains of Peru is a plant called Lepidium meyenii. More commonly known as maca, Lepidium meyenii has been used by the ingenious Peruvian population for centuries for its nutritional content, to improve fertility, and to enhance sex drive.

Black Maca Benefits

Research is promising for several benefits. It has been suggested that black maca root powder and black maca pills can improve:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved libido and fertility
  • Improvement of cognition and neuroprotective abilities
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Learning

Black Maca vs Red Maca

Maca comes in a few colors, typically red, yellow, or black; however many maca supplements are a blend of these colors and simply don’t mention color on their labeling. In addition to the difference in color, taste is the most obvious distinguishing factor, with red maca tasting sweeter than black. While red maca is cherished for its high levels of antioxidants and amino acids, black maca may be better for improving vitality and low libido. 

Some of the most extensive studies on humans are concerned with maca’s potential for improving fertility and libido. Maca has also been found to offer some assistance with men suffering from erectile dysfunction, due to it promoting increased blood flow. 

There is also evidence that black maca can improve physical performance. A pilot study from 2009 found that black maca improved sexual desire in male cyclists as well as decreased the time it took them to complete a 40 km time trial. Studies have also found that maca may also reduce the undesirable effects of menopause.

 Black Maca Powder Vs. Black Maca Pills

Black maca is available in two forms; powder or pills. The effective dose range for both is the same at 1,500 to 3,000 mg per day.

Powders are a popular choice for those who drink smoothies as a part of their daily routine, as adding a few teaspoons is fairly simple. 

But pills are more convenient, and better for those who want to take their maca on the go. As most pills contain about 500 mg, you will need to take between 3 to 6 per day to get up to the effective dose.

 The Best Black Maca Root Powder And Black Maca Pills On The Market Today

When you’re looking for a black maca supplement, there are really only two main things you need to consider.

  • Company trustworthiness—does the brand provide Certificates of Analyses (CoA) that guarantee the authenticity of their product? Does the company conform to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? 
  • Value – we break this down for you by price per milligram as of date of publication. Note: prices change, so check with the supplier directly for most accurate pricing.

Our Top Picks For The Best Black Maca

Maca Team Organic Black Maca Powder

Best Black Maca Powder

Maca Team Organic Black Maca Powder

Maca Team is a family run, fair trade company. They specialize in the production of various maca products, sourced directly from Peruvian farmers. Their products are organically grown with no GMOs or gluten. We at The Unwinder tested their raw product for a mold called aflatoxin which can be toxic and can grow on raw maca if it’s improperly stored, and didn’t find any.

By buying direct, you help support small business, but if you want to buy from Amazon, we totally get it—that’s why we included two buttons for you to shop from.

Anthony’s Organic Black Maca Root Powder

Runner Up For Best Black Maca Root Powder

Anthony’s Organic Black Maca Root Powder

Anthony’s supplies hundreds organic foods, rather than specializing in one food. All directly sourced, their line-up includes nuts, natural sugars, and of course, maca root.Anthony’s Organic Black Maca Root Powder is sold directly by Anthony’s Goods from Amazon, rather than through a 3rd party. Their black maca root is made from 100% raw, non-gelatinized black maca root straight from Peru. Non-GMO and gluten-free, Anthony’s Maca Root also contained no aflatoxin when we tested it in mid-2020.

Andean Star Organic Black Maca Powder

Another Decent Organic Black Maca Powder Option

Andean Star Organic Black Maca Powder

Andean Star is a family-owned business specializing in bringing fresh, natural products of Peruvian origin to your neighborhood. They only work with local Peruvian farmers and co-ops to ensure the highest quality at an affordable price. 100% organic.

Best Black Maca Pills

In the course of our research for this review, we found that, unlike many of the black maca powders on Amazon, the vast majority of black maca pills suppliers on Amazon are sold by a 3rd party, or their websites seemed sketchy to us. So as of December 2020, we have just one black maca pills review to recommend. We’ll update as we find more we’re confident in.

Maca Team Organic Black Maca Capsules

Best Black Maca Capsules

Maca Team Organic Black Maca Capsules

You’re going to get the exact same quality black maca as their powder, but in 750mg black gelatinized maca capsules.

By buying direct, you help support small business, but if you want to buy from Amazon, we totally get it—that’s why we included two buttons for you to shop from.

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