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Looking For Maca Root For Men And Maca Powder For Men? Here Are Our Recommendations For Maca For Fertility And Libido

Maca is quickly becoming one of the most popular superfoods on the market. Specifically found high in the Andes mountains, it is used to:

  • Strengthen libido
  • Improve mood
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Increase blood flow
  • Improve sperm quality and increase sperm count

Known as the “Incan Viagra” or the “Viagra of superfoods,” maca is a root commonly consumed in powdered form. It has become popular especially among men to take maca powder for fertility on a daily basis. Many men include in their daily regimen a dose of maca powder, libido being the primary thing they’re after. In this article, we’ll recommend the best maca for men, and take an in-depth look at maca’s role in the male reproductive system, specifically libido and fertility.

Maca Root: Fertility, Libido And Erectile Function

Libido–the desire for sex–is destinct from sexual function, which in men primarily means the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Maca has been shown to help both.  

Studies have shown that maca has the ability to improve erectile dysfunction in men after several months of consumption. Improvements have only been seen in those with mild erectile dysfunction, so the effect on more severe cases is still unknown.  

Significant increases in libido occur in men after 8 weeks of maca consumption, although some studies have shown an increase in as little as 2 weeks. 

Maca Root And Fertility

Causing an erection is one thing, but are maca and fertility positively correlated? Can maca actually improve men’s ability to reproduce? Studies say it can.  

Starting at just 6 weeks, maca has been found to start improving the quality and quantity of sperm. After 12 weeks, maca improved the sperm concentration by 14%, motile sperm count by 14%, progressively motile sperm count by 18%, semen volume by 9%, and normal morphology of sperms by 21% with continued improvements up until the twelfth week of treatment. 

Maca may have a delayed effect as some studies have shown that 8-10 weeks may be needed to produce considerable improvements in fertility. However, these effects can then last another 8-10 weeks after supplementation has ceased. 

While the exact mechanisms are still not entirely understood, numerous studies have confirmed that the effect is real.

Delivery Methods: Maca Root, Maca Capsules Or Maca Powder For Men

There are several different choices when it comes to choosing how to take maca. Maca capsules are simply maca powder that has been pre-measured and ready for easy consumption. This makes it easier to take as there is no need to measure, or you can take them on the go.

Essentially, all forms are all the same and differences come down to cost and convenience. If you’d like to read a comprehensive review of the best maca supplements (in every format), check out our best maca supplements review

It is worth noting that the majority of studies use maca capsules.

Best Maca For Men: How Much Maca Should You Take For Fertility?

Most studies suggest that an effective dose of maca is from between 1,500 and 3,000 mg daily. 

The Best Maca For Men? Here Are Our Recommendations For Best Maca For Fertility And Libido

What’s the best maca powder for fertility? What’s the best maca supplement for libido? How about the best maca pills for men? Most authentic maca products have the same effects, so when researching different brands, we primarily look at three different variables:

  1. The reputation of the company–whether it delivers on time, provides good customer service, and consistently provides a quality product
  2. The quality of the product–purity, concentration, availability of third-party lab tests, and so forth
  3. The value for money of the pill, in terms of cost per milligram

Here are our picks for the best maca products for men in various categories.

The Maca Team Organic Premium Raw Tri-Color Maca Capsules

Best Maca Root Capsules

The Maca Team Organic Premium Raw Tri-Color Maca Capsules

The Maca Team is a family-run, fair trade company that sources their maca directly from co-op farms in Peru that use 100% organic and traditional agriculture to cultivate maca. All of their products are USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO, and come with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) to ensure their quality. Their Tri-color Raw Maca capsules are made from red, black, and yellow maca roots with each type having its own unique benefits

In 2020, we tested their raw maca for the harmful mold aflatoxin, and found no traces of it. 

Right now, their 200 count bottle of 750mg capsules costs $23.01. This makes a 500 mg serving  $.08.

The Maca Team Organic Premium Raw Tri-Color Maca Powder

Best Maca Powder

The Maca Team Organic Premium Raw Tri-Color Maca Powder

Again, The Maca Team delivers a high-quality product; this time it’s their tri-color maca powder. This is essentially the same maca powder in their tricolor capsules above; except this comes in a powder form. This makes it a great choice to use in a smoothie or a glass of your favorite juice.

The Maca Team offers 3 choices for it’s maca powder: 8oz cost around $15, so 500mg costs $0.03. 1lb costs around $23– 500mg/$0.02. 1kg costs around $45–500mg/$0.02

Naturalife Labs Organic Maca Root

Best High-Dose Maca Gelcaps

Naturalife Labs Organic Maca Root

Maca gelcaps from Naturalife Labs are filled with 100% pure maca powder: a blend of red maca, black maca, and yellow maca. Their powder is 100% USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and third party lab-tested. Just be aware that these pills are big at 1,900mg per pill, which makes them difficult to dose precisely, and also a bit hard to swallow for some people. 

They currently offer 150 of their 1,900mg pills for around $18. This equates to about 500mg/$0.03.

Toniiq Single Origin Wildcrafted Maca Root Capsules

Best Peruvian Maca Root Powder

Toniiq Single Origin Wildcrafted Maca Root Capsules

Toniiq is based in Miami, FL. but sources its maca powder directly from Peru. Their tri-blend maca is 100% USDA certified and produced in GMP-certified and NSF-approved facilities. Each pill contains 500mg maca, which makes it very easy to hit your personal daily dosage. 

Roman Testosterone Support

Best Maca Combination Product

Roman Testosterone Support

Roman Testosterone Support is unique on this list as maca is just one of five active ingredients. The other four include D3, zinc, magnesium, and ashwagandha. With this product the dosage is 4 pills a day, with each pill containing 750mg of maca along with the other ingredients. Roman is a good choice for those who want a more complete supplement regime without the hassle of buying multiple compounds separately.

They work on a subscription service and have two options; 1 month (around $35) and 3 months (around $84). 

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