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In Search Of The Best Brand Of Kratom: 4 Kratom Reviews Of Brands That Have The Best Kratom Online

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge with kratom, it’s important to know where to buy safe, high quality kratom and how best to consume it. There are trustworthy suppliers online who guarantee a high-quality product, but dividing them from the rest is tricky. This article will show you where to order kratom and provide tips on how to take it.

What’s The Best Kratom Site? Where To Buy Kratom Online

Kratom is mainly available online, though some head shops also sell it. The issue with kratom’s availability is that it’s difficult to know whether the kratom sold is high-quality and produced by a credible brand.

While most kratom products are safe, certain products sold on the market can cause dangerous side effects﹣though these are rare. Possible causes for these side effects include overdosing, or a contaminated product. Therefore, you must know what you’re buying.

Learning about the characteristics of reputable kratom brands before buying kratom online will help you avoid these risks.

How To Identify The Best Online Kratom

To identify suppliers who sell high quality kratom, use the following points as a guide for your online search:

  • Professionally-done websites 
  • Clear about who they are and where the company is based
  • Clear about what type of kratom each product is ー if it has a brand name like “Tidal Wave,” the description should say what color and strain it is

Suppliers who are confident of their products and want to reassure you concerning the safety and quality of their kratom will also provide the following documentation:

  • Certificates of analysis (CoAs)
  • Verified kratom vendors with an American Kratom Association (AKA) GMP certification
  • Other third-party credibility indicators

It’s important to keep an eye out for scammers online, especially on online marketplaces like Amazon.

Want To Buy Kratom Online? First Decide Whether You Want Kratom Powder, Kratom Extracts, Or Bulk Kratom

There are three ways you can buy kratom: as a powder, extract, or in bulk. Most kratom powders made from dried kratom leaves, which are sold in either one ounce tea bags or as a powder to mix in any drink. You can also buy kratom powders containing stem and vein kratom, but this is not a popular choice as many people get anxiety from stem and vein kratom. Powdered kratom is the most popular way to buy and consume kratom, and remains the default option for most consumers.

You can also buy kratom extract capsules. This is the easiest way to consume kratom, as it’s otherwise too bulky to easily encapsulate if not concentrated in an extract, and it’s the most convenient form for travel. Kratom in capsule form also avoids the risk of misjudging the kratom dosage ー a common cause of harmful side effects. To avoid this risk, ensure that you’re clear on the extract ratio ー i.e. how many grams of raw powder a capsule is equivalent to.

The final option is bulk kratom – kratom powder in higher quantities. This gives you more value for money, but it is a greater financial investment in the short-term and makes it harder for you to buy a variety of strains all at once. Different kratom strains are ideal for different purposes, and therefore you may wish to explore various strains for your desired result, so bulk buying may not be the best option.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom Online: The Best Kratom Brands And Our Kratom Reviews

To avoid the risk of buying impure and potentially harmful kratom products from untrustworthy suppliers online, we recommend the following brands which we consider are the best kratom suppliers. We will also highlight what we consider the top product produced by each brand.

Kat’s Botanicals

Best Kratom Brand

Kat’s Botanicals Yellow Sunda Powder

Kat’s Botanicals are consistently our favorite kratom brand. Kat’s Botanicals prides itself in maintaining close relationships with the kratom farmers who produce kratom in the Sunda Islands, Southeast Asia. 

Kat’s Botanicals is an AKA GMP Qualified Vendor – promising a high standard of manufacturing practice. They offer full transparency concerning how their product is manufactured and promises a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t happy with their product ー an unlikely event. 

Their Yellow Sunda kratom powder is especially notable for being a mix of 60% red and 40% green kratom, enhancing motivation and general well-being upon consumption. With outstanding customer service and lightning-fast shipping, you can expect your product delivered to your door in a flash.

Kraken Kratom

Best Kratom Extract Capsules

Kraken Platinum Tea Kratom Capsules

Kraken Kratom is highly regarded among kratom lovers. Their website is informative and transparent, providing the exact extract ratio in every kratom capsule. Kraken Kratom was the first vendor to be awarded accreditation for Good Manufacturing Practices from the AKA (American Kratom Association). They have an entire webpage dedicated to explaining their lab testing, and you can request a certificate of authenticity for any product.

Our pick from Kraken Kratom is the platinum tea extract capsules – a unique blend containing the following ratio: 80% mitragynine: 20% other minor alkaloids. You can’t find this extract ratio anywhere else! Consumers found that this blend is less likely to cause nausea unlike other kratom products. 

Kraken Kratom is pricier than other brands, but their extract capsules have a long-lasting effect, so people keep coming back for more. Like Kratom Spot, you can wholesale Kraken Kratom’s products – a great way to boost sales at your store.

Kratom Spot

Best Kratom Site With Most Variety

Kratom Spot Indo White Vein Kratom

Kratom Spot has an eye-catching website dedicated to selling premium kratom powders. They provide a map indicating where their kratom powders are sourced from. With the support of GMP certification, Kratom Spot shows that their products are additive and filler-free. 

Kratom Spot’s farms are hand-picked by kratom experts to ensure their product is the best on the market. If you want to sell high-quality kratom powders in your own business, Kratom Spot offers a wholesale program, where you can make bulk orders.

What makes Kratom Spot stand out from the rest is its variety on offer. We’ve picked Kratom Spot’s Indo White Vein kratom as their best product, but there are more strains to explore. Indo White Vein kratom is a strain known as a stimulant for productivity. You can also buy their products in capsule form, which are more convenient, easier to dose, and easier to travel with.

Golden Monk Green Sumatra Kratom

Best Source For Bulk Kratom

Golden Monk Green Sumatra Kratom

Golden Monk is perfect for people who either want to resell kratom or just wish to build up their supply at a lower price. For example, for Green Sumatra kratom, the lowest amount of kratom available is 250 g, which – considering the standard kratom dosage is 5g at most – will provide you with at least 50 doses. At Golden Monk, 250g costs only $39.99, and you can even get a kilo of kratom for under $100 – typically a third cheaper than other kratom brands.

Our favorite product sold by Golden Monk is Green Sumatra kratom. Green Sumatra provides the rich balance of an uplifting boost along with a soothing sedative effect. Though Golden Monk’s website is not as appealing as the others, customer reviews remain sky-high for Green Sumatra’s efficacy.

To reassure their customers that their kratom is high-quality, Golden Monk is transparent about their manufacturing process. They even supply the completed audit for their AKA GMP approved status.

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Editor’s note: Note: Kratom legality varies by U.S. state and by country. Read up on where Kratom is legal before purchasing. All the information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before taking kratom.

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