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Kratom Strains Guide: What Are The Best Kratom Strains?

Kratom comes in a bewildering variety of strains. While they all contain the same alkaloids (active ingredients), each has unique effects due to having a different mix of alkaloids. On top of that, there’s a lot of confusion about what exactly constitutes a “strain” of kratom. This article will show you what the best kratom strains are and how each strain can help you. If you’re more of a visual person, check out our kratom strains chart for an infographic of the effect profiles of different kratom strains.

What Is The Best Kratom? – Different Kratom Types Have Different Color And Place Of Origin

A strain is generally a combination of color and place of origin. A kratom strain color first depends on the color of its stem and veins. There are three primary strain colors: red, green and white. You will find mostly red and green kratom on the market.

You might also see other kratom colors available, such as yellow kratom. Yellow refers to a blend of green and red kratom and is not a pure kratom color. This is not a bad thing; the benefits of yellow kratom tend to include things like socialization and productivity, as yellow kratom’s effects tend to be a mix of alertness and relaxation.

Each kratom strain has a different effect due to its unique mix of alkaloids. Red kratom is more calming, benefiting mood and general well-being. White kratom is on the opposite side of the spectrum as it is much more recharging, and users may even experience euphoria. Green kratom settles close to the middle between red and white kratom, but perhaps a little more towards the white side.

The second factor determining a kratom strain is its place of origin. Kratom grows across Southeast Asia, and each kratom strain is unique to a specific region within this area. For example, Dark Red Malay kratom grows in Borneo. 

You may find that a few kratom strains don’t have a place in their name, but they will come from a specific region. For example, Maeng Da kratom is a subset of Thai kratom known for its high energy.

Other strain names, like red dragon or super green, are more like brand names. Different companies may use the same names, but they aren’t necessarily referring to the same strain. For example, one company’s red dragon isn’t necessarily the same strain or place of origin as another company’s red dragon. Therefore, you must understand the strain’s background to know its underlying effects.

What Is The Best Kratom Strain For Your Purpose?

If you are looking for a particular effect, there are specific kratom strains that can help. Below are five different strains of kratom we recommend for five different health and lifestyle benefits.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Best Kratom For Recharging

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da kratom is the best kratom strain for recharging. This kratom strain is a mix of 80% green vein and 20% white vein, providing the perfect alertness blend. Though Green Maeng Da is potent, one user says that Green Maeng Da gave her the “okay – let’s go! – feeling” gently, which nicely accompanied her morning coffee.

Red Malay Kratom

Best Kratom To Enhance Well-Being

Dark Red Malay Kratom

Dark Red Malay kratom is 100% red vein and has a calming effect. Kat’s Botanicals also describes Dark Red Malay as the best kratom strain for optimism. Experienced users sometimes use this strain to mellow the effects of the more stimulatory green and white strains.

Red Borneo Kratom

Best Kratom To Aid Relaxation And Reduce Tension

Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo kratom is one of the strongest kratom strains to aid relaxation and reduce anxiety. Users report feeling a warm, heady feel and an improved sense of well-being, especially in the evenings. Kat’s Botanicals also recommends Red Borneo kratom for relaxing sore muscles after exercise.

Yellow Sunda Kratom

Best Kratom For Productivity

Yellow Sunda Kratom

Yellow Sunda kratom is a combination of green and red vein kratom, at a ratio of 60% red to 40% green. Kat’s Botanicals recommends Yellow Sunda kratom for a healthy dose of daily optimism. Users felt more motivated to get tasks done– a strong indicator of Yellow Sunda kratom’s ability to boost productivity.

Red Bali Kratom

Best Kratom For Deep Relaxation

Wild Red Bali Kratom

Wild Red Bali kratom is Kat’s Botanicals’ only wild kratom strain – a great start if you are new to red strains or want to switch up your routine. Users find Red Bali kratom calming and relaxing, and at higher doses, even a bit sedating.

Before using Kratom, please make sure to read our guides to Kratom’s legal status and Kratom dosage. Please note: Kratom is known to have a potential for overdose, and kratom is not legal in some parts of the world. All the information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before taking kratom.

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