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Yellow Kratom, Yellow Vein Kratom, Yellow Vietnam Kratom—What Are They, And How Are They Different, And Which Are The Best You Can Buy?

Kratom usually comes in green (usually a mix of energizing and calming energy, depending on the strain), red (more calming energy), and less commonly, white-veined (highly energizing) varieties. As we explained in a previous article, gold kratom is sometimes sold ー a blend of green and red kratom.

Although it sounds like it would be the same, yellow kratom is different from gold kratom, though the terminology isn’t always consistent from one company to the next. And when you’re looking for kratom, you should also know how to look for the best kratom brands that are trustworthy.

There is limited scientific research regarding yellow kratom, so this article will be based on user experiences ー certain claims may be dubious, especially company claims, so please take them with a pinch of salt.

What Is Yellow Kratom?

Yellow kratom, or yellow-vein kratom, can mean two different things. 

First, some green and white-vein kratoms turn yellow as a result of the particular drying process used. This is usually what yellow kratom means.

Second, some companies claim to sell kratom that is naturally yellow-veined, even before drying.  This has not been confirmed however; it may only be yellow after drying.

In any case, yellow kratom has a different alkaloid profile from other colors. The drying process used seems to alter the alkaloid mix, though it’s not clear yet exactly how this occurs. Since this terminology is not used very consistently, check the actual description to see whether the “yellow” you’re looking at is yellow-vein, or a red-green blend, which is gold kratom.

Yellow Vein Kratom Effects

Users report that yellow kratom provides moderate energy – neither very sedating nor very energizing. It’s variously described as between red and green or between green and red in that respect – but generally closer to green in effect. This suggests that yellow kratom made from dried white kratom is between white and green, while yellow made from dried green is between green and red, i.e. it’s slightly lower-energy, or more relaxing, than whatever strain it was made from before drying.

Regardless of the perceived “energy level,” most users agree that yellow-vein kratom is euphoric and slightly more potent. It’s usually not great for analgesia, but again this would depend on the original strain(s) used to make it. Some users also report that it can cause lightheadedness if dosed too high, compared to other strains, due to the higher potency and tendency towards euphoria.

About Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam kratom is not necessarily made in Vietnam. More often, it’s grown in Indonesia from kratom varieties native to Vietnam. In some cases, less honest vendors even sell kratom that they label as Vietnam kratom despite it having nothing to do with Vietnam.  

There’s conflicting information about whether kratom is legal in Vietnam. It is commonly sold there, but there are restrictions on marketing it as a medicine or health supplement, and ASEAN, which Vietnam is a part of, prohibits including kratom in health supplements. That doesn’t prevent it from being sold in bulk to the U.S., and the American vendor then selling it as such.  

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Effects

In any case, kratom sold as “Yellow Vietnam” tends to be on the “slower” side to other yellow kratom strains, falling somewhere in between typical green and red vein kratoms. The phrase “mellow yellow” kratom gets thrown around a lot, and users favor using it somewhere between early afternoon and early evening. Interestingly, some users report a significant analgesic effect in Yellow Vietnam, unlike most yellow kratoms.  

Users also tend to report that the effects of Yellow Vietnam kratom come on slower than other kratoms – be aware of this as it may cause you to think you’ve underdosed and take more kratom prematurely when the first dose just hasn’t fully kicked in yet. Give it a good hour before even thinking about re-dosing.

Yellow Kratom Reviews / Yellow Vietnam Kratom Review

Kat’s Botanicals Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Best Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

Kat’s Botanicals Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Kat’s Botanicals is one of our favorite vendors for their honesty and reliability. In particular, they declare that many of their kratoms are actually blends and indicate clearly what’s in them.

This Yellow Maeng Da kratom is 80% white and 20% red maeng da, separately dried to become yellow-vein before blending. This lies more towards the high-energy side of yellow kratom, between white and green but a bit more top-heavy on euphoria, perfect for physical activity.

Kraken Kratom Yellow Vein Thai

Best Yellow Thai Kratom

Kraken Kratom Yellow Vein Thai

Yellow Thai kratom gives high energy, just slightly “slower” than maeng da. As Yellow Thai is mellower than maeng da, it offers a medium-high-energy effect where you feel energized but not wired ー ideal for moderate physical activity, such as hikes.

Kraken Kratom Yellow Vein Borneo

Best Yellow Borneo Kratom

Kraken Kratom Yellow Vein Borneo

Borneo Yellow Vein kratom tends to be moderate energy to begin with, and the yellowing makes it slightly mellow but more euphoric. Some users enjoy taking this kratom as a morning pick-me-up as it provides a nice lift in energy, though it is also perfect for relaxation without excessive sedation.

Kat’s Botanicals Yellow Sunda Kratom Powder

Best Yellow Sunda Kratom

Kat’s Botanicals Yellow Sunda Kratom Powder

Again, we love the transparency from Kat’s Botanicals. This Yellow Sunda, which we’ve recommended before, contains 60% red and 40% green kratoms, both separately dried to become yellow-vein before being blended. It’s more low-energy than other yellow strains and ideal for relaxation and uplifting your mood.

Amazing Botanicals Yellow Reserve Kratom Powder

Best Yellow Indo Kratom

Amazing Botanicals Yellow Reserve Kratom Powder

Yellow Reserve kratom is called reserve because it’s their best strain. Amazing Botanicals claim that this is the strongest yellow kratom strain on the market. It is an Indonesian strain, although they don’t put that in the name, and feels like a mix of green and red Indo kratom, giving moderate energy.

Amazing Botanicals Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder

Best Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Amazing Botanicals Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder

Amazing Botanicals are especially transparent about sourcing. They’re clear in the product description that this kratom is made from plants that are native to Vietnam but were grown in Indonesia – as kratom is seldom exported from Vietnam. Most vendors neglect to mention this. 

Users report a balance between energizing and mellow when taking this Yellow Vietnam kratom, great for late evening use.

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Editor’s note: Note: Kratom legality varies by U.S. state and by country. Read up on where Kratom is legal before purchasing. All the information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before taking kratom.

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