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Unwinding Heather Finley, Founder of Nourish

Heather Finley began Nourish after years of struggling with her own digestive health. As a Registered Dietitian with a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, she is passionate about helping others manage their gut issues. She and her team offer individual coaching and group programs to help people find sustainable solutions to their problems. We chatted with Heather to learn more about the vision behind Nourish and what she does to stay well in her own daily life.

How did you start Nourish?

I started Nourish as an in-person brick and mortar private practice but had the desire to take my practice virtually in 2019 in an effort to be able to serve more individuals on their gut health journeys. I originally started my private practice as a fun “side hobby” while I was in grad school and working full time in clinical nutrition. What started as a “side hobby” quickly became something I was super passionate about and now I cannot imagine anything else!

What is the mission of Nourish?

We help women find relief from digestive issues that hold them back from living their best lives by identifying the underlying triggers.

What’s a fun fact about you that your followers and customers might not know?

I was a division 1 swimmer and the sport of swimming actually taught me a lot about entrepreneurship. Hard work, discipline, showing up even when you don’t want to, and constantly pushing yourself to improve!

What is one myth about gut health you wish would just go away?

That you have to be gluten and dairy-free for the rest of your life to find relief. I cannot tell you how many of my clients have been told this by practitioners and it just makes them scared of food and scared to eat.

What are the most important things you do personally to stay healthy and well?

For me, I feel my best when I am sleeping enough, spending time outside in nature and spending time with my family (without technology).

What is the one health product you think everyone should own?

This is hard! I don’t think there’s just ONE thing that will completely change someone’s health. Rather, it’s consistency with daily actions like sleeping enough, stress management, blood sugar balance and drinking enough water. Nothing fancy or crazy over here!

You can find more of Dr. Heather Finley here, here, and on her YouTube channel (to be launched soon)!

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