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What Are The Best Spin Bikes Under $500? We Have 5 Recommendations.

Best Spin Bikes Under $500 At A Glance

Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Bike

Our recommendation

Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Bike

This spin bike has magnetic resistance along with a belt drive system. It has a 29 pound flywheel and can support up to 265 pounds. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It also has a resistance knob, device holder, adjustable seat, and adjustable handles.

Solid middle-of-the-road option

Advenor Magnetic Resistance Indoor Spin Bike

35-pound flywheel, magnetic resistance drive, great reviews on Amazon, 1-year warranty, LCD display, and tons of seat- and handlebar-adjustment options. A great middle-of-the-road option that won’t disappoint.

Unique design

Pooboo Magnetic Resistance Indoor Spin Bike

35-pound flywheel, “whisper-quiet” magnetic resistance, 1-year warranty, quite a bit of bells and whistles, and a unique design. Pooboo’s bike has all the necessary features you need for a good spin bike workout.

JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance

Great reviews

Joroto Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance

35-pound chrome flywheel and a belt drive system combined with magnetic resistance. It can support up to 300 pounds. This one has the most Amazon 5-star reviews out of all the bikes we looked at.

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike With 49 LB Flywheel

Heavy Flywheel

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike With 49 LB Flywheel

This spin bike has a heavier flywheel at 49 pounds. Its belt drive system will provide a smooth ride, but does have a leather friction resistance system as opposed to magnetic. 3-year warranty. Features resistance knob, 4-way adjustable seat, adjustable handles, and wheels for transport.

Spin bikes are a great addition to any home gym because they don’t take too much space, but can offer an excellent cardio workout. They are a perfect way to get your heart pumping and get that extra activity time in all while within the comfort of your home.

Luckily, most spin bikes are relatively affordable so finding a spin bike under $500 is not too complicated. However, there are some things you need to consider before making your purchase.

What To Look For In A Spin Bike Under $500, And How We Chose Our Recommendations

Summary: Most people shopping for an at home spin bike under $500 are going to want a smooth—not clunky or inconsistent—ride that isn’t overly noisy, with resistance options so they can adjust their workout as they see fit. The spin bike should also be durable: you should be confident that you can get years of exercise out of your machine. Additional features are worth considering, but these core elements are your main concerns. Therefore, most of our recommendations will be spin bikes under $500 that:

  • Have average to above average flywheel weights (impacts smoothness of ride)
  • Have belt drive systems, not chain drive systems (impacts smoothness of ride)
  • Have magnetic resistance systems (impacts smoothness of ride, and noise) when possible
  • Have adjustable seats (impacts comfort/ ease of use)
  • Have warranties that guarantee at least a year of machine life

Spin bikes are different from upright and other stationary exercise bikes, as they allow more intensive workouts thanks to a large flywheel. You can also do low-impact exercises on your spin bike, which can be perfect for people who are only starting their fitness journey. 

Here are some factors you should consider when buying a spin bike.

Flywheel Weight

A flywheel is a weighted disc that sits at the front of your spin bike and is responsible for the overall feel of your cycling workout. A heavier flywheel requires more energy to move, but it offers a smoother ride once you build momentum. Lighter ones are easier to get going, but the ride isn’t as smooth once you build momentum.

Standard flywheel weight is around 30 lbs, but you can find heavier and lighter ones, as you’ll see on our list of best spin bikes. 

Drive System

A drive system connects a flywheel and pedals, and there are two options available: chain drive and belt drive. The chain gives you the usual outdoor bike experience during your cycling session, while the belt drive provides a smoother overall feel. The belt drive is also more durable and produces less noise during your workouts.

Resistance System

The resistance system applies the physical brake on the flywheel, and it usually provides adjustable cycling intensity levels. The most common is friction resistance, where a piece of wool or leather presses on the flywheel, making your workout more challenging. However, many newer models use magnetic resistance that is less noisy and provides a smoother ride. Keep in mind that this resistance system also has a higher price point.


Most spin bikes come with a fully adjustable seat, but you should check it anyway. Make sure the seat is comfortable enough for longer workouts and that you can place it in a position that suits you.

Another important feature is the ability to adjust handlebars. That allows more flexibility in your workouts and more comfort.

Other Features

We are talking about the best spin bikes under $500, so there aren’t many expensive features available. However, some models may have a small digital screen that allows you to track parameters such as your exercise time, speed, distance covered, or calories burned, but you shouldn’t expect anything that’s very fancy.

Some manufacturers add water bottle holders and a media shelf to their spin bikes, so look for them when reviewing different models if you want these features.

The Best Indoor Cycling Bike Under $500: Our Reviews

After reviewing everything that the affordable spin bike market has to offer, we present you with our five top picks in the under $500 category. Here is how they compare.

Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Bike

Our recommendation

Sunny Health and Fitness Endurance Magnetic Belt Drive Bike

  • Flywheel Weight: 29 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48.8″ L X 20.1″ W X 48.6″ H
  • Weight: 82.9 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-year frame, 180-day parts

This spin bike has magnetic resistance and a belt drive system, which provides a very smooth ride along with a 29-pound flywheel — which is very middle of the road as it comes to weight — that is sturdy and stable.

The maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds, which is enough for most cyclers. The features include a performance monitor, device holder, bottle holder, pulse sensors, caged pedals, floor stabilizers, non-slip handlebars, and transportation wheels. The seat is adjustable four ways, and the handlebar is adjustable two ways.

Sunny has some of the longest warranties in the indoor spin bike game: three years. Most spin bikes on Amazon offer one-year warranties.

Additionally, you can choose a “smart” version of this bike for $60 more as of May 2022—keeping it below $500 before shipping and handling. The smart version allows you to connect the bike to your phone via Bluetooth, and use an app that tracks your spin bike stats over time.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5.0 based on 1,262 ratings

Featured Review: “It’s very well built and completely silent when in use. It doesn’t shake or rattle. It’s solid! My tablet fits perfectly and the seat is actually comfortable.” – Jason Moss, January 25, 2021

Slightly Heavier Flywheel, Less Expensive Than Sunny

Advenor Magnetic Resistance Indoor Spin Bike

  • Flywheel Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Dimensions: 40″ L X 21″ W X 46″ H
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year

The Advenor spin bike has a 35-pound flywheel that’s slightly heavier than Sunny’s Belt Drive bike. And as of May 2022, Advenor’s price tag is around 30% less than Sunny’s.

With a 350-pound weight capacity, Advenor’s bike has a magnetic resistance system that won’t make too much noise in your home, both its seat and handlebars are adjustable, and an LCD monitor that will display various metrics related to your exercise, in real-time.

Advenor offers a one-year warranty.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5.0 based on 1,135 ratings

Featured Amazon Review: “I’m very happy with the construction and quality. Packaging was very well done and the powder-coated frame and welds look great. This feels like a much more expensive bike as opposed to the Marcy or other bikes in the price range that I am familiar with. Honestly, it seems hard to beat. Parts were well labeled and assembly pretty easy. It’s whisper-quiet when riding, perfect to ride while watching TV, etc.” 

Unique design

Pooboo Magnetic Resistance Indoor Spin Bike

  • Flywheel Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 40″ L X 22″ W X 45″ H
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year

Like we said in our review summary section, pooboo’s spin bike has all the basic features you need for a solid spin bike routine. It meets all our criteria we listed above: it has a magnetic resistance system, slightly above average flywheel weight (35 pounds), a belt drive, adjustable seats and handlebars, and a 1-year warranty.

These bikes support up to 300 pounds.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5.0 based on 6,346 ratings

Featured Amazon Review: “I love this bike and feel that it was a solid investment that gave me a good “bang for my buck.” I have owned more expensive bikes and, for my needs, this is my best investment yet. I have only owned it for a few weeks and should anything change, I will update my review. However, based on my use thus far, I don’t anticipate any problems with this bike and hope you will consider it in your search.”

JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance

Great reviews

Joroto Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance

  • Flywheel Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 42.9″ L X 19.7″ W X 42.5″ H
  • Weight: 94 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year

Joroto uses 7 magnets that provide enough resistance during the most intense rides. A 35-pound chrome flywheel and belt drive system combined with magnetic resistance allows a very smooth and almost silent ride.

A solid steel frame delivers durability, and the maximum weight capacity is 300lbs. Other features include an adjustable multi-grip handlebar, wide soft seat, adjustable caged pedals, digital monitor, multi-use holder, transportation wheels, and levelers.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5.0 based on 5,352 ratings

Featured Amazon Review: “This bike is so nice I don’t know if its worth the price to step up to the Peloton. I spoke to Julie about some replacement parts (for maintenance down the road) and the customer service I have received is top notch! I am 6’4″ tall and 230 pounds and this bike fits me very well. All in all you cannot go wrong with the bike and I would feel confident that Joroto will stand behind the bike if you have any issues.”

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike With 49 LB Flywheel

Really Heavy Flywheel

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike With 49 LB Flywheel

  • Flywheel Weight: 49 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Dimensions: 53.94″ L X 19.1″ W X 44.49″ H
  • Weight: 110.8 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-year frame, 180-day parts

If you are looking for a heavier flywheel, this bike from Sunny Health and Fitness has one that’s 49lbs. It features a steel frame that can support up to 275lbs and a belt drive system that provides a smooth and quiet ride. The resistance system is made of a leather brake pad that allows adjusting the resistance level.

The seat and non-slip handlebars are adjustable, and this model also comes with transportation wheels and a bottle holder. So, no fancy features, but it is durable and can support heavier individuals.

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5.0 based on 5,719 ratings

Featured Review: “The bike feels very solid and I am so glad that I went with the heavy flywheel. It makes for a very realistic ride. The resistance nob is very sensitive so you don’t have to turn and turn it to get to the desired resistance.” – Jenny D., January 16, 2021

Spin Bike Videos That Will Keep You Motivated And Help You Work Out

Probably one of the best parts of taking spin classes, as opposed to having a spin bike where you live, is the social aspect: great, motivating music, an instructor urging you to go the extra mile, and people around you toughing it out with you. Obviously, you can’t perfectly re-create this experience at home alone, but with the exception of Peloton, the next best thing to in-person spin classes is YouTube.

Luckily, YouTube has what are essentially videos of spin bike classes that you can watch at home on your spin bike. Just like finding a spin class that’s right for you, you can find videos for at home spin bikes suiting your music preferences and desired style of workout (HIIT vs. hardcore cardio, for example).

We also recommend scrolling through YouTube just so you can get an idea of how you can creatively tweak your at-home spin bike routine. After all, there’s much more to do on a spin bike than cycle: you can integrate movements that increase core strength, and even weights.

Below, we’ve curated some of our favorite videos and channels for exercising with your spin bike at home.

Global Cycling Network’s Indoor Spin Bike Playlist Has A Ton Of Workout And Duration Options

Screencap of Cycling Workout Classes playlist

Global Cycling Network’s Cycling Workout Classes playlist has something for everyone—definitely check it out. Their classes all feature an instructor/ narrator, and take place in a class, with several others in the video doing the workout ‘with you’. Here’s one of the videos on the playlist:

Kaleigh Cohen Cycling Makes Instructor-Led, Highly Motivational Classes Specifically For Spin Biking At Home

Screencap of Kayleigh’s 20-minute Cycling Workouts playlist

Kayleigh Cohen’s at home spin cycle channel is 100% dedicated to classes where she is the sole instructor, motivating you to do every different type of at home spin bike exercise you could imagine, and with plenty of different music options. She has numerous playlists by workout duration (20 mins to hour-long workouts), and her music options are quite broad (you’ll likely find a ton of videos from her with music you actually enjoy).

Here’s her 20-minute hip hop cycling class for beginners:

Indoor Cycling Videos Re-Create Epic Rides Through Natural Landscapes And Urban Cityscapes

Screen cap of Indoor Cycling Videos’ Ultra HD 4k playlist

If you don’t care about having an instructor, or re-creating the experience of being in a class with other people, Indoor Cycling Videos posts cycling videos of epic rides (often many hours long) from a first-person perspective, as if you are the one in the video riding the bike. Also, if you have a VR headset, they have a playlist of VR-compatible at home cycling videos that fully immerse you in the video’s landscape.

ICV’s videos take you through the countrysides and small towns of France, Spain, Germany, and more places in Europe. You can also choose videos that take place in different seasons. Here’s their video of a 30-minute ride through the Alps:

Studio SWEAT Has 35+ Free At Home Spin Classes

Screencap of Studio SWEAT’s free classes playlist

Studio SWEAT offers fairly standard at home spin bike classes by a team of professionals dedicated to helping people stay fit from the comfort of their own homes. Like the other channels mentioned here, Studio SWEAT onDemand offers a ton of different classes by workout type and workout duration. Here’s their 20-minute class:

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