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Amazon Safety

CPAP Masks Amazon Safety: How To Ensure You’re Buying Quality


The Unwinder rates CPAP Masks as safe to buy on Amazon

As long as you pay attention to the specific vendors you are buying from.

CPAP masks are an important piece of medical equipment. Buying from a reputable vendor with a good customer support, return policy, and quality guarantee is crucial.

Amazon CPAP masks are sold by a wide variety of vendors, some of whom have established reputations and some of whom may not.

Amazon CPAP masks show a moderate amount of fake reviews. About 20% of products on page one were flagged by a third-party service for fake reviews.

Many high-quality CPAP brands sell directly on Amazon, meaning you can buy from them directly without the risk of buying from a fly-by-night “Amazon entrepreneur”.

See below for more details, data, and explanation.

CPAP Mask Key Features

CPAP, or “continuous positive airway pressure”, is used to keep the upper airway open and unobstructed. CPAP is most commonly used as a treatment for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects as many as 22 million Americans per year, and poor sleep affects tens of millions more. .

The CPAP mask is the most important piece of the CPAP machine. It is the “last mile” delivering the pressurized air to your airway. CPAP masks come in many styles, from full face masks, to partial face masks, to nasal pillows. 

The key features of a CPAP mask include fit, comfort, quality, durability, safety, and price. A poorly-fitted mask can be leaky, while a low quality mask can cause skin irritation or sores. 

But you know all of that. The question we’re answering here is: are Amazon CPAP masks safe?

The Unwinder Amazon Safety Index

Amazon is not like a normal store. It is more of a grand bazaar, filled with millions of different sellers. Amazon itself is one of these sellers, but Amazon-controlled sales are not the majority. Most Amazon sales are made by third-party merchants, which can range from totally legitimate, brand name companies, to sketchy overseas, fly-by-night shops. This latter group leads to problems. 

When it comes to health and wellness products, safety is paramount. While one version of a product on Amazon may be completely legitimate and safe, another could be a counterfeit sold by a Chinese reseller with no address, no contact information, no regulation, and no care about you, the consumer. 

The Unwinder Safety index helps people figure out the difference. We analyze all the relevant data points to help you figure out how to buy products on Amazon safely. 

Should You Buy CPAP Masks On Amazon?: The Risks Of Amazon CPAP Masks

Issues with CPAP masks on Amazon may include:

  • Poor fit
  • Low quality product 
  • Dangerous product
  • Third-party sellers 
  • Fake reviews

CPAP Masks Amazon Safety Assessment

IssueRisk Assessment
Counterfeit ProductsLow – while there are many “unbranded” or generic CPAP masks, there is not substantial evidence of counterfeiting.
Low Quality ProductsMedium – CPAP masks vary widely in quality, and there are thousands of unbranded or generic versions on Amazon of unknown quality.
Dangerous ProductsLow – while CPAP masks can be dangerous through the accumulation of bacteria, this is a maintanence, not a sales problem.
Fake ReviewsMedium – 20% of products on the first page of Amazon failed a test for having fake reviews
Third-party sellersMedium –

The Unwinder rates CPAP Masks as Safe to buy on Amazon, provided you are careful about what vendors you buy from.

Best CPAP Masks on Amazon

Trustworthy brand

ResMed CPAP Masks Amazon

Sold directly by Resmed & manufactured in the U.S.

  • ResMed is an established, U.S.-based, publicly-traded medical equipment company
  • ResMed runs their own Amazon merchant store, meaning you are buying products provided directly by ResMed through Amazon
  • ResMed products have universally strong reviews on Amazon
  • ResMed products we reviewed showed 0% fake reviews

Buying Alternatives for CPAP Masks

Best for beginners Provides Useful Resources

A wide range of products plus education for beginners

  • has been in business since 1999
  • Offers a wide variety of sleep gear, from full CPAP machines to white noise makers, cleaning equipment, eye masks, bedding, and monitors
  • “Starter Packs” and first-time buyer discounts

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