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Our EEG Headset Reviews: We Look At For The Best EEG Headset On The Market Today

EEG Headset Reviews: Our Recommendations At A Glance

Our Recommendation

Flowtime Biosensing Headband

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find good EEG devices on Amazon. While Flowtime is a lesser-known EEG headset, it can help you get detailed readings of your brainwaves, heart rate, attention, pressure levels, and more, and it isn’t plagued with bad user reviews about the software.

Good Features

Muse S EEG Brain Sensing Headband

With a battery life of 10 hours and bluetooth connectability, the Muse S is one of the most convenient EEG devices on the market, and with the most features: assistance in sleeping, meditation, and heart rate monitoring among others. However, many user reviews complain about software bugs.

Manipulating our body’s biology through biohacking is one way we can improve our experience of the world. Neurohacking, one of the forms of biohacking, has been particularly popular since the 80s. It refers to altering brain function to get a desired outcome, such as better focus, cognitive improvement, or creativity boost. 

EEG headsets are neurofeedback devices that can help with neurohacking, as they have become commercially available in recent years. The idea is to give everybody a better insight into their brain and get some actual benefits like improved sleep, relaxation, and mental focus.

What Are EEG Headsets And What Are They Used For?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method of tracking the electrical activity of the brain. It measures small voltage fluctuations that result from ionic currents in neurons. In layman’s terms, it measures brain waves.

EEG is commonly used for diagnosing epilepsy, sleep disorders, coma, brain death, encephalopathies, tumors, brain disorders, strokes, depth of anesthesia, and more. Some of these uses have decreased with the development of MRI and CT, but EEG remains a valuable diagnostic tool.

The medical EEG procedure typically requires a medical professional to place several gel-coated electrodes on a patient’s head. However, the new generation of consumer EEG headsets usually don’t require gel, and are much easier to use than traditional medical EEG.

EEG headsets are now widely used for improving focus and productivity, reducing anxiety, accelerating learning, relaxing before bed, improving sleep, and enhancing athletic performance.

Buying The Best EEG Headset: EEG Headset Reviews

You’ll need to do a bit of research to find the best EEG headset. First, figure out what you need it for. You won’t need a clinical-grade EEG headset if you are looking to unwind and practice meditation.

EEG headset price will be one of the main factors when making your selection, but don’t let it be the only one. You should consider how many sensors (channels) the set has, as it affects imaging quality. More is, in this case, better.

You should also consider the ease of use, app and device compatibility, whether it uses saline solutions, gels, or is labeled as a “dry eeg headset,” etc.

Muse EEG Headset

Muse is probably the most popular EEG headset brand on the market. Their Muse 2 headband was designed to help with meditation, while the newer Muse S also helps people improve their sleep.

Most popular

Muse EEG Headsets

 The main difference between the two seems to be in battery life, as Muse S can track your brain activity for up to 10 hours, to last through the whole night, while Muse 2 only has a battery life of 5 hours. Other than that, the two headsets mainly seem to differ in software, while the hardware is relatively similar.

These headbands are perfect for beginners as they are fairly easy to use, but don’t expect high-level imaging as there are only four sensors. Both headsets can also monitor movement, heart rate, and breathing rate.

Best EEG Headset on Amazon

Yes, you can buy eeg headsets on Amazon. The top-selling EEG headsets on Amazon are the Muse 2 and Muse S, which we’ve already covered. They are truly popular, so you’ll find lots of online Muse EEG headset reviews.

Helps for meditation

Helps for meditation

Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband

Flowtime is a lesser-known EEG headset available on Amazon that can help you get detailed readings of your brainwaves, heart rate, attention, pressure levels, and more. The idea is to read this data during meditation, using the feedback to help you reach a deeper meditative state.

The design is light and modern, so it’s comfortable to wear. A few users have reported problems with the app, but fortunately this can be improved through software patches.

Emotiv EEG Headset

Emotiv is a well-known brand that offers several portable headband options. Their devices have been used in scientific experiments and showed high accuracy.

Emotiv EPOC X

Emotiv’s Flagship Product

Emotiv EPOC X

Emotiv EPOC X is their flagship product, with 14 fixed sensors to accurately measure brain activity. It boasts a battery life of up to 9 hours, and is mainly intended for neurohacking. It requires a saline solution, which may be inconvenient for non-professional users. But overall, it takes around 5 minutes to set up, and is fairly easy once you get down the basics.


Great for research purposes / expert users


Emotiv EPOC FLEX is an excellent option for research purposes and is reserved only for the biggest DIY fanatics. This device is a lot more complicated to use, as sensors need to be manually configured like with medical EEG, and it uses saline solution or gel to set up. It has 32 channels that allow high-quality analysis, but it won’t matter much if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Emotiv Insight

Best for beginners

Emotiv Insight

Insight is geared towards beginners, as it is much easier to use and doesn’t require gel or saline solution. With five 2D sensors, you can expect lower imaging resolution, but it’s still a good option for performance and wellness tracking.

NeuroSky EEG Headsets

NeuroSky Mindflex EEG Headset

EEG For Entertainment

NeuroSky Mindflex EEG Headset

Have you ever wanted to control things with your mind? Mindflex is a simple headset that allows just that, by using a simple EEG device as a controller for an electronic toy.

Once you put on the Mindflex headset, you’ll be able to move a ball over the game console using your mind. There are five challenging games available for 1 to 4 players, so you can play alone or with your friends. The goal is to move the ball through various funnels, hoops, hurdles, funnels, and other obstacles and test your speed and concentration skills.

Neurosky Mindwave Mobile 2

Entry-level Neurohacking Headset

Neurosky Mindwave Mobile 2

The Mindwave Mobile 2 is another headset from NeuroSky, but this one is meant as an entry-level neurohacking headset. It features only one sensor, and is intended for total beginners and children, or people looking for a cheap EEG headset to start with.

Mindwave is an excellent cheap EEG headset that comes with tons of free and paid apps in their store, compared to most headsets that only feature one. You can find anything from games to apps that help you relax, reduce stress, improve focus, and more.

Versus EEG Headset

Versus EEG Headset

Mainly intended for doctors, trainers, and researchers

Versus EEG Headset

This dry EEG headset by Senselabs is mainly intended for doctors, trainers, and researchers. Five powerful fixed sensors are placed around the head and allow high-quality readings in 3D. The whole setup is a little robust, but since the sensors are set and don’t require gels, the Versus headset is relatively easy to use.

Versus headset is on the pricier range of the spectrum, and you’ll also have to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to the Versus app. However, the Versus app has many functions and can help with impulse control, decision making, problem-solving, sleeping patterns, and more. And on top of it, you can play some fun games to unwind.

Another great feature is Neuroperformance Assessment, which allows Versus to identify the strongest and weakest brain functioning points and highly personalize each user’s experience.

Editor’s note: As of 09/2021, it seems you can no longer purchase this device on the Versus website. Will will update this review if it becomes available again.

Best EEG Gaming Headset

MyndPlay EEG Brainwave Headset

Interactive mind-controlled video platform

MyndPlay EEG Brainwave Headset

MyndPlay EEG Brainwave headset offers access to an interactive mind-controlled video platform that allows users to interact with video games, apps, and movies with their mind. The headset responds to your brainwaves, and it produces an appropriate action that stimulates your brain to improve attention, encourage relaxation, lower anxiety, and improve mental health.

Although using EEG headsets as controllers for complex video games is still in the future– right now they lack the needed precision and fidelity– MyndPlay has a number of simple games that can keep you entertained while you work on your focus and relaxation.

Imec EEG Headset

According to the Imec and Holst Centre, this portable EEG brainwave headset can measure emotions and cognitive processes in the brain. This could have serious potential in the therapeutic field, as well as gaming and deep learning applications.

It utilizes a dry method, and it is relatively easy to use. But, this wireless EEG headset is unfortunately not available to consumers right now; rather, it seems to be sold only to companies and research labs for use in developing their own products or conducting studies.  It seems to be intended purely as a clinical-grade EEG headset.

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