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Unwinding Boronia Fallshaw, Founder of Mello

Boronia was born and raised in Australia but now lives and works in New York City. She founded Mello after years working in the fashion industry and dealing with burnout from the demanding lifestyle. The company offers several CBD products including water-soluble CBD, sea salted caramels, and even suppositories. Boronia chatted with us about her goals for Mello and how she takes care of herself.

How did you start Mello?

It took a lot of research, development and hard work, but it was born out of a desire to share how CBD helped me manage my own anxiety and improve my sexual pleasure. After realizing how powerful Cannabinoids were in improving my own health, I had to find a way to share this with other people. 

What’s up with the CBD suppositories?

These are my favorite products, exactly because they start an important conversation. 

We need to normalize seeking help for painful vaginal penetration. We need to discuss endometriosis and terrible PMS and how it impacts our lives. We need to talk openly and share learnings about anal. So much of my knowledge has come from receiving information about other people’s experiences. But it took me a minute to share mine, I had experience with very painful vaginal penetration (vulvodynia) and my journey was isolating and full of shame. These conversations were so taboo, that it made it hard to seek help and not feel alone. I don’t want that for other people. It was imperative to me that I create a product which helps to decrease any pain during penetration so we can get back to having orgasms, and encourages open conversations about these topics. 

Yes, these do seem an unlikely way to consume CBD, as there are other methods. But for this issue, no other method is as effective, these work FAST. Suppositories are the most efficient and healthiest way to get cannabinoids to your bloodstream. They bypass the GI tract and liver entirely and are absorbed directly where you need them. 

How are you hoping Mello will change the way people view anxiety?

I hope that it becomes as non-judged and accepted as wearing glasses. People wear glasses because their eyesights not great… NBD right? Well anxiety should be the same. I am a fully functioning, content, productive human thriving with anxiety every day. I take Mello Mind which helps me to manage my anxiety, I am not broken, do not need to be repaired. I am perfect just the way I am. I want Mello to allow people to be assisted, it is not a reset, we are not encouraging you to stop and breathe… We recognize you have to keep going but if you take a little CBD you may just feel steadier and more mello. 

Do you think we need more research on the potential uses of CBD? And is there a particular area you’d like to see more focus on?

ABSOLUTELY. This should be a fully funded arm of national research. And not just CBD, but all the cannabinoids including THC. In particular we need double blind gender specific studies. Most studies focus on male participants. We need studies focusing on female participants that relate to how our ECS manages our endocrine system, and how phytocannabinoids can help regulate our hormones.

What’s a fun fact about you that Mello customers might not know?

I am currently in the very early stages of getting my Sports Pilot License. 

How do you stay healthy and well?

I’m pretty addicted to exercise. I live with a PT so he keeps me constantly moving. But even without him I would still exercise every day. I love to cook, not necessarily the healthiest meals, but I do think cooking for myself and others has helped me improve my relationship with food. I also practise mirror work with daily affirmations. There is a lot of power in telling yourself you are well, healthy and safe. 

You can find more of Mello here and here.

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