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Amazon Safety

Zyflamend Amazon Safety: How To Avoid Fake Zyflamend

The Risks Of Buying Zyflamend On Amazon:

Over 50% of the products on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers. These third-party companies and brands offer their products on, and sometimes use Amazon’s fulfillment services to ship the products to you, but otherwise they are not associated with Amazon. Anyone can sign up to be a third-party seller on Amazon. 

This can be troublesome for shoppers of health, wellness, and supplements products on Amazon. Because Amazon does not touch the products, they cannot be quality controlled. Couple this with a lack of FDA approvals, and supplements on the Amazon marketplace are “buy at your own risk”. 

The Unwinder’s Amazon Safety Index seeks to remedy this issue. By analyzing dozens of data points about supplements sold on Amazon, we can provide clear recommendations about what is safe to buy, and where you should think twice. 

This Zyflamend Amazon safety review weeds out fake or non-branded sellers, adulterated or illegitimate products, and stale or expired shipping risks.

Zyflamend is a supplement sold by New Chapter containing a proprietary blend of ten herbs. Zyflamend ingredients includeTurmeric, Holy basil, ginger, rosemary, green tea extract, hu Zhang, barberry, Chinese goldthread, skullcap, and oregano.

The Amazon Safety Index

The Unwinder’s Amazon Safety Index evaluates the danger of buying a certain type of product on Amazon. We focus on health and wellness products and supplements – products where a bad choice, counterfeit or mis-dosed product has consequences. We provide an overall rating, and then ratings on various aspects of the product, to help you assess your risk:

Overall Product Rating:

  • Safe: You can basically by any of the products on Amazon and be sure that the product is authentic
  • Probably Safe: There are many legit products on Amazon, but you should choose carefully
  • Potentially Unsafe: There are many illegitimate products on Amazon in this category, you should do thorough research before buying
  • Unsafe: We do not recommend buying this product via Amazon

Specific Issues Ratings:

  • Low: There is little risk of the product being affected by this issue
  • Medium: There is a risk, but it is moderate
  • High: In many cases, the product is affected by the issue.

Specific Issues With Buying Supplements On Amazon

  • Fake supplements: Supplements that don’t contain what they claim to contain. In late 2019, Amazon itself warned consumers about fake supplements on Amazon.
  • Close-to-fake supplements: Supplements that contain an inactive form of the herb or compound (e.g. Ashwagandha vs. Aswhagandha containing 3-10% withanolides)
  • Poorly processed supplements: those which are rendered inert or toxic (e.g. past expiration, mold) due to the company’s processing / packaging standards
  • Illegitimate reviews: a significant percentage of the Amazon page’s reviews are demonstrably inauthentic
  • “Amazon-only sellers”: while not necessarily bad, Amazon-only sellers tend to have less established reputations; generally (again, this does not apply to every Amazon-only seller) they go after space in the Amazon market where they feel they can dominate the search rankings, whatever the product is. In short, Amazon sellers may not have any specific expertise in the products they’re selling—and the claims they’re making about those products. Amazon-only sellers are regularly one-person, low-budget, or “drop shipping” operations, or are based overseas.

Zyflamend Amazon Safety Assessment

The Unwinder grades Zyflamend as *Safe* to buy on Amazon.

IssueAmazon-specific issue?Zyflamend Risk assessment:
Fake supplements NoLow
Close-to-fake supplementsNoLow
Poorly-processed supplementsNoLow
Illegitimate reviewsYesLow
Amazon-only sellersYesMedium
Unclear dosagesNoLow
Expired productNoMedium


The Unwinder rates Zyflamend as safe to buy from Amazon

Zyflamend on Amazon has expiration and third-party seller risks, but is overall safe to buy on Amazon.

There are many third-party sellers of Zyflamend on Amazon, however, consumers should only buy Zyflamend from the brand or directly. 

New Chapter is a U.S.-based company that manufactures in the United States and has not received any FDA inspection failures in the past 5 years.

0% of top Zyflamend products on Amazon show fake reviews. 

Zyflamend has a moderate risk for drug interactions. This is a reason to only buy from New Chapter directly, to avoid any risk of counterfeit product. 

Zyflamend on Amazon is sold by many unbranded and third-party sellers. Unbranded and third-party sellers are not as safe to buy from as buying from the brand directly. 

Zyflamend has moderate shelf stability. Unbranded and third-party sellers are more likely to improperly warehouse or over-age supplement products.

Where To Buy Zyflamend On Amazon

New Chapter Amazon

New Chapter’s Amazon Store Section

New Chapter has a presence on Amazon. Buying from them helps you avoid third-party sellers.

  • New Chapter was established in 1982
  • Owned by Proctor & Gamble, a renowned American company
  • Their direct Amazon shop categorizes New Products, for Men, for Women, and by need

Zyflamend Shopping Alternatives

Buy Direct

New Chapter’s Online Store

New Chapter also has their own online store. Buying from them can help you support the company, but you may pay more for shipping.

  • New Chapter’s ecommerce site includes a wealth of information about health and wellness
  • Their store locator can help you shop the old fashioned way
  • A live customer support chat ensures you can get any of your questions answered

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