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Unwinding Christopher Gavigan, Founder of Prima

Christopher is on a mission to inspire and empower people to live their happiest and healthiest life. By recently founding the “future of wellbeing” hemp/CBD brand Prima, he further continues to build upon this life’s work. Prima offers a variety of functional botanical products from premium skincare, therapeutic bodycare, and holistic supplements to help relieve, rebalance, and restore the body. As of today, Prima is the first CBD brand ever to be EWG Verified, meaning Prima’s products meet the highest standards for transparency and health from the renowned Environmental Working Group.

Christopher is passionate, purpose-driven advocate, speaker, author and social entrepreneur – and also founded The Honest Company with Jessica Alba. Using the power of his successful companies, Christopher has created a way to uplift others and inspire them to consider clean, safe, non-toxic and natural products. But with every founder comes a deeper story. What exactly went through Christopher’s mind and what motivated him when building Prima?

How did you start Prima?

That’s a loaded question – as it’s never a linear story as every founder/entrepreneur knows.  It always starts with a watershed moment that aligns to your purpose, then a ton of heartache, thrill, luck, and looking for positive signs. For me, I love a good design challenge – assembling the best people, always having scientific integrity/alignment, and identifying the moment in time to GO.  With Prima, all this was true, but there was an added layer of deep conviction and the acknowledgement that we needed to create a new paradigm and raise the bar – unapologetically setting higher standards for this hemp / CBD industry that is very new, unsophisticated, and rapidly evolving. Prima is here to unite, empower, and uplift – and we strive to be the bold, brave, and the very best – with each decision and every detail. 

What is the Prima mission?

To uplift science and nature to advance health and cultivate collective wellbeing

What is one interesting thing about you that your followers wouldn’t know?

That I’m (just on the other side of middle and run as) an introvert. 

How do you stay healthy and well? 

  • Plant-based, vegan (for over 25 years) 
  • No alcohol
  • A least 45 mg of Prima whole-plant cannabinoids / CBD (that’s 3 “Dailys”)
  • 5 out of 7 days a week I only eat one meal a day (OMAD), which is dinner
  • Daily early AM yoga, meditation, intention-setting, and gratitude practice
  • Drink over 120 ounces of purified water daily
  • Plenty of sun, sleep, and time outdoors with my kids

What is the one trend in the wellness space you find to be a little “eye-roll emoji”? 

CBD pillows!

What is the one health product you think everyone should own? 

Prima’s Night Magic, a 40oz stainless water bottle, a vibrating foam roller, silicone toe spreaders, a gratitude journal.

You can find more of Christopher here and here, and more of Prima here.

Prima CBD Night Magic
Prima’s Night Magic
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