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The Ultimate Ice Barrel Review (2024)- Ultimate Cold Plunge?

In recent years, the allure of cold water therapy has surged in popularity, driven by figures like Wim “The Iceman” Hof and embraced by wellness enthusiasts, athletes, and everyday individuals seeking enhanced health benefits. The Ice Barrel, a novel at-home cryotherapy tool, has emerged as a pivotal player in this trend, offering an accessible and efficient way to engage in cold plunging. But what exactly sets the Ice Barrel apart in the crowded space of cold water therapy tools?

This review dives into the heart of what the Ice Barrel offers, evaluating its functionality, design, and the overall experience it provides. For many, the thought of submerging in cold water can be daunting, yet the potential benefits – from improved blood flow and reduced inflammation to the activation of the nervous system – are compelling. Cold water immersion, traditionally achieved through ice baths in tubs or natural settings, now finds a convenient and effective iteration in the Ice Barrel.

Boasting a weight of just 55 pounds when empty and a practical design that includes a step stool for easy access, the Ice Barrel is both a functional and a manageable addition to any wellness routine. Its straightforward drainage system, coupled with the ability to insulate and keep water cold, makes it a practical choice for year-round use. But beyond its physical attributes, the Ice Barrel represents something more: a tool for building self-discipline and resilience as you step into its chilly embrace.

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using the Ice Barrel, from the initial setup – filling it with water – to the actual experience of immersion. We’ll also consider the practical aspects, like how it compares to a traditional bathtub ice bath and whether its cost is justified by its benefits and features. So, whether you’re an experienced cold therapy enthusiast or someone curious about incorporating this practice into your life, join us as we jump into the Ice Barrel and its role in the evolving wellness landscape and self-care in 2024.

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What Is The Ice Barrel?

The Ice Barrel is a new cold water immersion therapy product released in 2023 that aims to provide a convenient at-home solution for cold plunging.

It is essentially a large plastic barrel that can hold up to 105 gallons of water. The barrel is designed specifically for cold water therapy, allowing you to submerge your body in icy water.

The Ice Barrel comes with everything you need to start cold water immersion therapy at home, including a lid, protective cover, barrel stand, and step stool. The barrel itself is made from durable recycled plastic and has an upright, open design so you can easily sit down inside.

Once filled with water and ice, the Ice Barrel allows you to submerge your entire body in cold water, which proponents claim provides various benefits like reduced inflammation and soreness. It’s an easy way to reap the potential benefits of cold exposure without taking ice baths in your bathtub.

Specs and Details

Height42 inches (in.)
Width (widest point)31 in.
Opening on Top25 in.
Weight (empty)55 lbs.
Weight (filled)750 lbs.
Capacity105 gallons
Drainage SystemSimilar to an ordinary water cooler spout
Construction MaterialsU.S.-made with polyethylene and recycled materials
Satisfaction Guarantee100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee
Included with PurchaseBarrel, barrel lid, barrel stand, protective UV cover, step stool

Our Ice Barrel Review

The Ice Barrel aims to provide a more convenient cold plunging experience compared to DIY solutions. But with a price tag over $1,000, is it really worth investing in? We’ll look at the pros, cons, features, and real customer experiences later in this review.

Features and Benefits of Using the Ice Barrel

The Ice Barrel has several standout features that differentiate it from typical cold water immersion methods like bathtubs or stock tanks.

To start, the actual barrel itself is constructed from dense, food-grade polyethylene plastic strong enough to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. The material is also UV-stabilized and impact-resistant for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

The barrel has an extra-wide, 42-inch tall opening to make entering and exiting the ice water less stressful on your hips, knees, and other joints compared to smaller containers. And with a 31-inch inner diameter, there’s ample room to sit and move around during your cold plunge session. The interior depth allows for nearly full body submersion, with just your head and neck above the water line.

The Ice Barrel includes handy accessories like an insulating lid and a durable polyester cover to help maintain frigid water temperatures when the unit is not actively being used. This helps reduce ice meltage, so you don’t have to replenish as often between sessions.

The UV-resistant barrel stand elevates the entire tub for easier access, drainage, and hose hookup. Shorter users will appreciate the stool for extra height while getting into and out of the barrel. These ergonomic extras enhance user experience.

One major advantage of the upright, open design is thought to help improve breathing regulation during sustained cold water immersion compared to lying prone in a cramped bathtub. The Ice Barrel’s tub capacity is large enough to sit comfortably with room to spare, allowing you to fully relax during your cold therapy session.

Unlike permanently plumbed backyard cold plunge pools, the Ice Barrel offers superior portability and can be easily moved around your patio, deck, or yard whenever you desire. Ensure the surface beneath it can safely support over 700 pounds when filled!

While carrying a hefty price tag upfront, the Ice Barrel helps make frequent cold immersion conveniently accessible from the comfort of home. This could save money on trips to commercial cryotherapy centers or athletic club cold tubs in the long run. The tradeoff is you must supply your own ice and refill water as needed.

Ice Barrel 400

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Experience With The Ice Barrel

We eagerly set up the Ice Barrel to put its cold plunging credentials to the test firsthand. We immediately noticed thoughtful design choices and the barrel being made from recycled materials.

Filling the tub was simple: closing the drain spigot and adding ice cubes to get it extra frigid. The interior depth allows nearly full body submersion when seated on the bottom of the barrel.

Getting in, the cold water was quite a shock to the system! But we quickly acclimated and appreciated the spacious interior that still weighs under 55 lbs empty. The upright position let us relax while controlling our breathing despite the plunge.

Climbing out afterward, you feel the rush of blood flow being activated to warm your chilled skin. Amazingly, the water temperature held steady for over 24 hours thanks to insulation, keeping it frigid.

What Fellow Ice Barrel Owners Have to Say

Ice Bath

Thomas H. uses it while training: “As an amateur boxer, proper cool down is crucial after sparring sessions. The ice barrel lets me cold plunge easily right inside my home gym so I stick to routines.”

Lauren C. struggled with small at-home tubs: “My old tiny stock tank was miserable to get in and out of. The ice barrel offers so much room and I can actually enjoy my post-workout cold water therapy now!”

Gary M. appreciates the convenience: “No more hauling kiddie pools around as a triathlete. I save so much time with my ice barrel while still getting the recovery perks of cold immersion.”

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight when empty so you can move it
  • Hardly any setup needed
  • Easy to use once filled
  • Simple to clean
  • Only add new water about once a month


  • Very big
  • Costs over $1,000
  • Need to buy lots of ice to keep it cold
  • Can’t move it when full

Comparing Cold Plunge Tubs

When considering cold water therapy, a popular and increasingly common practice for recovery and wellness, the Ice Barrel has emerged as a significant player in this space. In 2024, as more individuals are embracing the benefits of cold water immersion, it’s crucial to understand how the Ice Barrel stacks up against other cold plunge tubs like the Plunge tub. 

The Plunge Tub vs Ice Barrel: A Detailed Comparison

Features: The Ice Barrel, with its unique upright design, stands out in the market. This design makes it a space-saver and offers a distinct immersion therapy experience. It’s made to accommodate a variety of body weights and sizes, with a capacity that allows for complete submersion. In contrast, traditional cold plunge tubs, including the Cold Plunge, often mimic a standard bathtub’s horizontal layout. These tubs may require several bags of ice to maintain low temperatures, whereas the Ice Barrel’s design aids in keeping the water cold, often without the need for constant ice addition.

Pricing: When it comes to cost, the Ice Barrel presents itself as a value-for-money option. While it may not be the cheapest on the market, its features, like the non-toxic construction, inclusion of a garden hose-compatible drainage system, and a protective UV cover, justify its price. In comparison, some cold plunge tubs can be significantly more expensive, especially if they include additional features like a built-in chiller.

User Experience: Using the Ice Barrel is a unique experience. Its upright design allows for easy entry and exit, thanks to the included step stool, which is not always the case with other tubs. The immersion in the Ice Barrel is deep enough to cover most of the body, which is essential for effective cold water therapy. Additionally, the Ice Barrel’s simplicity in set-up – it can be placed on top of the stand and filled with water using a garden hose – contrasts with some cold plunge tubs that may require more complex installation processes.

The ease of maintaining the Ice Barrel, which can hold water at cold temperatures for several hours to several days, depending on the climate, also adds to its appeal. This is particularly beneficial for those new to cold therapy, as it reduces the hassle of constantly refilling or adding ice. Moreover, the Ice Barrel’s temperature can reach the desired coldness, often ranging around 39 degrees Fahrenheit, without needing additional equipment like a chiller.

Is the Ice Barrel Worth the Price?

In 2024, as cold water therapy continues to gain traction as a recovery tool and a regular part of wellness routines, the Ice Barrel stands out for its unique design, ease of use, and effective immersion therapy. It is worth considering, especially for those new to cold therapy or looking for a simple, effective tool to continue using at home. While the initial investment might seem high, the long-term benefits of cold water immersion and the product’s lifetime warranty suggest that the Ice Barrel is worth the price.

Ice Barrel 400

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Who Should Buy the Ice Barrel?

The Ice Barrel, a standout product in the realm of cold water therapy, caters to a diverse audience. Its design and functionality make it an ideal choice for various individuals and scenarios. Here, we’ll take a look at who can benefit most from investing in an Ice Barrel and under what conditions it proves to be particularly advantageous.

Ideal Users of the Ice Barrel

Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes: For those who regularly engage in intense physical activity, the Ice Barrel can be a game-changer. Athletes and fitness buffs often struggle with sore muscles and the need for quick recovery. The Ice Barrel’s cold water immersion therapy reduces inflammation and accelerates muscle recovery. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, incorporating the Ice Barrel into your routine can significantly enhance your recovery process.

Wellness and Self-Care Advocates: Individuals who prioritize wellness and self-care will find the Ice Barrel to be a valuable addition to their regimen. Its benefits extend beyond physical recovery; it’s also known for activating the nervous system and improving mood. For those who seek mental clarity and stress relief, the regular use of the Ice Barrel can be a refreshing and invigorating experience.

People with Limited Space: Thanks to its upright design, the Ice Barrel is a perfect fit for people with limited outdoor or indoor space. Unlike traditional bathtubs or horizontal plunge tubs, the Ice Barrel occupies a smaller footprint, making it suitable for small gardens, patios, or even some indoor areas.

Eco-Conscious Consumers: The Ice Barrel is made from non-toxic materials, appealing to environmentally-conscious buyers. Its construction involves recycled materials, which is a nod towards sustainability. Moreover, its design requires less water and ice compared to other cold plunge options, making it a more eco-friendly choice.

Situations Where Ice Barrel Shines

Post-Exercise Recovery: After strenuous workouts or long runs, the Ice Barrel can provide immediate relief to tired and sore muscles. Its ability to maintain a consistent water temperature for several hours to several days makes it an efficient tool for regular post-exercise recovery.

Heatwaves and Summer Days: In the heat of summer, the Ice Barrel offers a refreshing escape. It’s particularly beneficial for those living in hot climates, providing a quick and easy way to cool down.

Stress Relief and Mental Health: For individuals seeking natural ways to combat stress and enhance mental well-being, the Ice Barrel can be a sanctuary. The practice of cold immersion has been linked to improved mental health, making it a worthy consideration for those exploring alternative stress relief methods.

Limited Mobility or Accessibility Needs: The Ice Barrel’s design, including its step stool and upright structure, makes it more accessible for people with varying degrees of mobility. This aspect is crucial for those who might find traditional bathtubs challenging to enter or exit.


In summary, the Ice Barrel is a versatile, eco-friendly, and effective tool for cold water therapy, suitable for a wide range of individuals and scenarios. From athletes seeking faster recovery to anyone interested in the mental health benefits of cold immersion, the Ice Barrel presents a compelling case for inclusion in one’s wellness toolkit. If you’re still pondering its suitability for your needs or have specific queries, our FAQs section provides additional insights to help you make an informed decision.


What material is the Ice Barrel made from?

The Ice Barrel is made from BPA-free, food grade polyethylene plastic through an advanced rotomolding process. This thick plastic is extremely durable yet lightweight.

Will I fit inside the Ice Barrel?

The Ice Barrel has an internal diameter of 42 inches, making it wide enough to fit most body types. We recommend trying a test sit before purchasing if you have any concerns.

How long should I stay in the ice bath?

We recommend starting with 5 minutes in the ice bath and working your way up to 15-20 minutes max. Listen to your body and get out if you feel uncomfortable.

Is it safe to ingest the ice bath water?

No, we do not recommend drinking the ice bath water as it can contain contaminants. Be sure to only use potable water in your Ice Barrel.

How do I clean and maintain my Ice Barrel?

Periodically wash out the Ice Barrel with mild, non-toxic cleaners. Additionally, we recommend using our Ice Barrel cleaning kit which contains a scrub brush, scoop, and EPA approved sanitizer.

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