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5 CBD Oil For Pain Reviews: The Most Effective CBD For Different Types Of Pain

Why look into CBD oil for pain reviews?

From our research, the science behind CBD for pain is optimistic. Harvard Health Publishing, a website maintained by Harvard Medical School, published an article in 2018 that cited a study in the European Journal of Pain demonstrating that CBD applied to the skin could relieve arthritic pain. Another study that showed how CBD could inhibit neuropathic and inflammatory pain. A 2019 New York Times article agrees that CBD for pain is promising, offering a number of positive anecdotes, but hedges that more research needs to be done. Additional clinical studies on rats have found a range of CBD oil for pain benefits, including reducing inflammatory and neuropathic pain. A 2006 study at Oxford University found that CBD produced statistically significant improvements in rheumatoid arthritis patients’ pain on movement, pain at rest, and quality of sleep.

Is CBD use safe?

According to a 2018 report on CBD by the World Health Organization (WHO), unlike some conventional pain remedies such as opiods, CBD shows no signs of being addictive. Moreover, the WHO report finds CBD has a “good safety profile”. In other words, the 2018 WHO report concludes that CBD carries a low risk of adverse affects, apart from the possibility of negative interaction with prescription medications.

In our view, any alternative to addictive opiods that has a good safety profile, isn’t addictive, and is showing promising results in clinical studies is worth considering. For that reason, if you’re looking for CBD oil for tendonitis, hemp oil for fibromyalgia, or CBD for any other type of pain, check out our recommendations in these CBD oil for pain reviews.

social cbd drops

Our Recommendation

Social CBD Drops

Social CBD has the most options, fairest prices, good ingredients, and great transparency

Shoppers have reviewed Social CBD positively for general pain, pain caused by inflammation, back pain, and fibromyalgia. We find Social CBD to be a super trustworthy company that offers shoppers various strengths, formulas, and flavors. They publish their 3rd-party lab results on their website, over 3,000 shoppers have reviewed their products in CBD testimonials, and on top of that, they offer a lifetime discount to veterans and first responders.

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crescent canna cbd oil review

Most inexpensive, best deal, best taste

Crescent CBD Drops

Muscle recovery | Joint pain

Crescent CBD Drops are great for savings-focused shoppers—it’s tied with Kat’s Botanicals for having the most inexpensive CBD oil in this review (by milligram of CBD). Shoppers are raving about the taste of Crescent CBD oil compared to other CBD oils—Crescent’s products don’t taste artificial or weird, where nearly every other flavored CBD oil out there does.

The Details

  • Shoppers reviewed Crescent CBD drops positively for muscle recovery and joint pain
  • Transparency is good—they publish their 3rd-party lab results
  • Uses organic hemp and and is GMO-free
  • Tied for having best deal on this review—as low as $0.05 per mg CBD
  • Price range: $39.99 to $99.99
  • Free shipping on orders over $99.99
  • Under 10 reviews on their website

What We Like

We like Crescent Canna CBD oil for the great value it delivers with its 2,000 mg CBD drops bottle. While the bottle is $99.99, this works out to about $.05 per mg of CBD—tied for the best value in this list of CBD oil for pain reviews. We also like the range of flavors Crescent offers—strawberry, peppermint, mandarin lime, and unflavored—and that shoppers are specifically calling out the fact that this oil tastes good, and not artificial, as CBD oils can taste.

What We Think Could Improve

Crescent Canna needs more CBD testimonials from shoppers. Other companies have similarly priced CBD oils and thousands of shopper reviews. With trustworthiness being so important to shoppers looking for CBD for pain, Crescent should invest more of their resources into facilitating shopper reviews.

The Full Crescent Canna CBD Oil Review

Crescent Canna CBD oil has received positive shopper reviews for muscle recovery and joint pain. Shoppers are also writing that Crescent CBD drops are helping them get better sleep and have less anxiety, and it’s working for their pets as well. However, Crescent CBD oils have fewer than 10 shopper reviews, all of which are on their website. Though this doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of their product, such a low volume of reviews is substandard in our experience.

Like nearly all CBD oils on the market, Crescent Canna’s prices get lower as the potency gets higher. Crescent offers a very well priced option with its 2,000 mg bottle—at $99.99 for 30 milliliters, you’re getting every milligram of CBD for just under $.05, which is tied for the lowest price on this CBD oil for pain review. Here’s the full price breakdown: 

ProductFlavorAmount of CBDStrengthCost per mg CBDTotal cost
CBD Drops4 options500 mg16.67 mg CBD per dose$0.08$39.99
CBD Drops4 options1,000 mg33.33 mg CBD per dose$0.06$64.99
CBD Drops4 options2,000 mg66.66 mg CBD per dose$0.05$99.99

Cost per milligram rounded up to the nearest cent

Shopper reviews are very enthusiastic about Crescent Canna’s CBD oil flavors. Many CBD oils taste artificial or leave a weird aftertaste, even when they contain naturally-derived flavors. But shoppers are going out of their way in their reviews to call out that there is no aftertaste at all to their unflavored oil, and that the flavored oils taste good and decidedly not artificial.

Crescent Canna guarantees that their CBD oil contains CBD in excess of 99% purity, all of which is 100% THC free. They write that they’re extremely serious about the purity and quality of their products, and publish the 3rd-party lab results of their CBD on their site.

About Crescent Canna

Crescent Canna CBD offers not only CBD oil for pain, but also CBD vape cartridges, pain topicals, and pre-rolled hemp cigarettes. Crescent Canna is extremely focused on trustworthiness, labeling accuracy, and shopper education, and is highly transparent about their lab results, processes, and ingredients.

Do you have your own experience with Crescent Canna CBD that you’d like to share? Email us!

social cbd drops

Good prices, great transparency, good ingredients, tons of reviews

Social CBD Drops

General pain | Pain caused by inflammation | Back pain | Fibromyalgia

Social CBD Drops are a great option for savings-focused shoppers, have great transparency, and mix some of their CBD oils with adaptogens, which we really like. We also appreciate their lifetime 20% discount that they offer veterans and first responders.

The Details

  • Shoppers have reviewed it positively for general pain, pain caused by inflammation, chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia
  • Social CBD’s transparency is great, with 3rd-party lab results published on their site
  • Ingredients are 100% organic and non-GMO, mixed with adaptogens and essential oils
  • Social CBD is a good deal—as low as $0.06 per mg CBD
  • There are over 3,000 reviews of Social CBD drops on 3rd-party reviews site TrustPilot
  • Price range: $35 to $120
  • Lifetime 20% CBD oil veterans discount and CBD oil first responders discount
  • Some shoppers have reported slow shipping times

What We Like

We like a whole lot about Social CBD’s CBD oil. Most importantly, we view them as a very trustworthy company—they allow reviews on a 3rd-party platform, personally respond to shopper issues, publish a full list of their ingredients, and publish 3rd-party lab results. On top of that, Social CBD’s prices are a good value per milligram of CBD. We’re especially excited about Social CBD’s peppermint drops, which pair adaptogens and other essential oils with their CBD extract. Among other benefits, adaptogens have been associated with enhanced focus, antidepressive effects, and stress prevention, according to Healthline. Social CBD is a great option for first responder and veteran CBD discounts, with a lifetime 20% discount on all their products after status verification.

What We Think Could Improve

In their shopper reviews, which are verified by TrustPilot, we are seeing a fair amount of shoppers reporting slow shipping times. The main complaint is not that transport of their purchase itself takes too long, but that orders aren’t being shipped until a few days after they’re placed.

The Full Social CBD Oil Review

Social CBD drops have been reviewed positively on 3rd-party shopper-generated reviews platform TrustPilot for general pain, pain caused by inflammation, chronic back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and fibromyalgia. Shoppers are also reporting that Social CBD drops have helped them with anxiety, mood swings, and PTSD. Social CBD customers’ main complaint in their reviews is slowness with shipping, though to be fair, reps from the company seem to respond to each complaint personally, in good faith.

Social CBD drops are priced competitively; we think they provide a reasonably good bang for your buck, in terms of milligrams of CBD per dollar. If you’re value-oriented, the Social Drops (as opposed to broad spectrum ones) are the bottles you want to go for—you can get the CBD for as low as $0.06 per milligram. The value gets extremely good if you’re a veteran and/or first responder, as Social CBD offers you a 20% discount on all their products, for life, after verifying your status. Price breakdown below.

Broad Spectrum Drops

ProductFlavorAmount of CBDStrengthCost per mg CBDTotal cost
Social Drops4 options500 mg16.67 mg CBD per dose$0.07$35
Broad Spectrum Drops6 options375 mg12.5 mg CBD per dose$0.11$40
Social Drops4 options1,000 mg33.33 mg CBD per dose$0.07$65
Broad Spectrum Drops6 options750 mg25 mg CBD per dose$0.09$70
Social Drops4 options2,000 mg66.67 mg CBD per dose$0.06$120
Broad Spectrum Drops6 options1,500 mg50 mg CBD per dose$0.08$125

Cost per milligram rounded up to the nearest cent

As you can see above, Social CBD breaks their CBD oil into two categories, broad spectrum drops and Social Drops. Both use a “base” of hemp-derived CBD extract and MCT oil. According to our research, this is fairly standard. Their broad spectrum drops also include stevia and natural flavors—they come in Vanilla Mint, Cinnamon Leaf, Pomegranate Tea, and Meyer Lemon flavors. There’s also an unflavored bottle on offer. Social CBD is quite transparent with their ingredients and lab results, listing all the ingredients for each of their bottles, and providing shoppers with lab results specific to the batch they purchased.

The Social Drops are where their products get exciting, and represent fairly unique offerings compared to typical CBD oils for pain. Each flavor of Social Drops has a different mixture of essential oils in addition to a base of hemp-derived CBD extract and MCT oil. We really like the Peppermint option, which mixes in not one but two adaptogens: ashwagandha and rhodiola. According to, adaptogens may help with stress, depression, muscle performance, and inflammation reduction, among other benefits. Curiously, the Social Drops cost less while providing more milligrams of CBD per dollar.  

About Social CBD

Based out of California, Social CBD was formerly branded as “Select CBD”. Their mission is “singularly focused on delivering pure, powerful, and most of all, trusted hemp products to people who care about their health”.

Do you have your own experience with Social CBD that you’d like to share? Email us!

nanocraft cbd oil review

Awesome ingredients, tons of options, recommended for shoppers with an active lifestyle

Nanocraft CBD Oil Drops

Joint pain | Back pain | Arthritis | Muscle recovery

Nanocraft CBD is perfect for shoppers who want their CBD extract for pain enhanced with other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Various Nanocraft formulas are packed with a variety of nutrients, including adaptogens and caffeine. Nanocraft offers good value, with milligrams of CBD as low as $0.06. Tack on the subscription service at a 15% discount off single-purchase prices, and free shipping on orders over $75, and the deal gets very good. Nanocraft does have a high price floor, though—their most inexpensive bottle starts at $59.99.

The Details

  • Shoppers have reviewed Nanocraft CBD positively for joint pain, back pain, arthritis, and muscle recovery
  • Nanocraft’s transparency is good—they publish 3rd-party lab results on their site
  • Ingredients are 100% organic and non-GMO; offers formulas with various vitamins, supplements, and minerals
  • Nanocraft CBD is a good deal, with prices as low as $0.06 per mg CBD
  • Price range: $59.99 to $199.99
  • 100+ reviews on company website
  • Unique proprietary process Nanocraft claims makes their CBD oil five times more effective than any other CBD oil
  • Free shipping on orders of $75 or more, and 30-day money-back guarantee

What We Like

Nanocraft has different types of CBD oil formulas for different use cases. The difference between the formulas are ingredients (or lack thereof) contained in the bottle in addition to CBD extract. These ingredients are suited to different use cases. For example, if you want help with sleep, Nanocraft’s Night formula includes lavender, passionflower, 5-HTP, and melatonin, all meant to promote relaxation and calm. They have a day formula with caffeine and other energizing ingredients like vitamin B-12. We like this specificity, and consider these additional ingredients pure upside for certain kinds of shoppers. Nanocraft also offers a CBD subscription box, which is fairly unique to the industry. Nanocraft claims their CBD oil is the “most bioavailable in the industry,” though it is currently beyond our capacity to verify that.

What We Think Could Improve

While you can get a good price per mg of CBD with Nanocraft, their prices per bottle are on the higher end, with their most inexpensive starting at $59.99. In our view, this is a little high for, for example, a first-time CBD shopper who’s still on the fence about CBD as a solution for pain; many other CBD companies offer bottles in the $30 range.

The Full Nanocraft CBD Oil Review

Shoppers are reviewing Nanocraft CBD oils positively for joint pain, back pain, arthritis, and muscle recovery. It distinguishes its CBD oils from the competition with its proprietary process, which, they claim, make the oil “five times more bioavailable than oil-based products.” In laymen’s terms, they’re claiming that their CBD oil is, per milligram, five times more effective than oil-based CBD oils (think MCT).

Nanocraft formulates its CBD oils with a number of vitamins and other supplements we like, including the adaptogens ashwagandha and rhodiola, and the supplements L-theanine, B-12, and organic caffeine (meant to supply concentration and a power boost). According to our research, scientists have linked adaptogens with stress reduction, help with depression, inflammation reduction, and muscle performance, among other benefits.

There are a few other perks specific to Nanocraft worth considering. First, Nanocraft is one of the few CBD ventures that offers a CBD subscription box, and it prices you at 15% less than single purchase prices. So if you’re looking for a steady, set-it-and-forget-it supply of CBD oil, Nanocraft might be the way you want to go. Second, if your order is over $75, shipping is free. Third, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ProductFlavorAmount of CBDStrengthCost per mg CBDTotal cost
Day FormulaMint & Cacao300 mg10 mg CBD per dose$0.19$59.99
Night FormulaLavender300 mg10 mg CBD per dose$0.19$59.99
Pure FormulaGinger Citrus750 mg25 mg CBD per dose$0.09$69.99
Gold Series TinctureUnflavored1,000 mg33.33 mg CBD per dose$0.08$79.99
Gold Series TinctureUnflavored2,000 mg66.66 mg CBD per dose$0.06$128.99
Gold Series TinctureUnflavored3,000 mg100 mg CBD per dose$0.07$199.99

Cost per milligram rounded up to the nearest cent

Nanocraft’s transparency is perfectly acceptable. They publish their lab results and full list of ingredients on their product pages. We would like for their shopper reviews to be hosted by a 3rd-party, but they’re not, though this isn’t unusual.

About Nanocraft CBD

Nanocraft CBD is based out of La Jolla, California. They are science- and purity-focused, and clearly marketing themselves to the more active crowd, claiming that their proprietary processes make their products more bioavailable than the competition. 

Do you have your own experience with Nanocraft CBD that you’d like to share? Email us!

endoca cbd oil review

Highest quality, unique offerings

Endoca Hemp Oil

Pain caused by inflammation | Arthritis | Fibromyalgia

Endoca offers the least expensive bottle on this list at $31 (though not by milligram of CBD), so it’s good for savings-focused shoppers. But we really like Endoca for quality-focused shoppers, because Endoca is extremely focused on transparency and takes a lot of pride in the quality and purity of their CBD. Also, Endoca is one of the only CBD oil companies to offer customers both raw and decarboxylated CBD oil.

The Details

  • Shoppers have reviewed Endoca CBD oil positively for pain caused by inflammation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, among other issues
  • Transparency is great, with meticulous 3rd-party lab test results published on their site
  • Ingredients are all organic and GMO-free; includes minor cannabinoids, omegas, vitamins, terpenes and minerals 
  • Most inexpensive CBD oil for pain in this review, though high price per mg CBD ($0.08)
  • Price range: $31 to $129
  • Over 3,000 reviews on a 3rd-party reviews site
  • Up to 50% CBD oil disability discount and cbd oil low income discount
  • Free shipping for orders over $74
  • Limited range of CBD oil options from a volume and potency perspective

What We Like

If you’re a quality-focused shopper, you need to check this product out. Endoca boasts a strong, healthy focus on its ingredients and processes. They offer both raw and traditional CBD oil, claiming that their raw oils offer the “full natural benefits” of the hemp plant. Omegas, vitamins, and minerals are also preserved in raw CBD oil; they’re normally lost when heated. Endoca also responds to nearly every one of their reviews on 3rd-party review platform TrustPilot, which we always appreciate.

What We Think Could Improve

Endoca has a limited range of price points (just two—$31 and $129), both of which are on the more expensive side of the spectrum from a dollar per milligram perspective. Two price points is about two too few, if you ask us.

The Full Endoca CBD Oil Review

Shoppers are reviewing Endoca CBD oils positively for pain caused by inflammation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Endoca shoppers also like their CBD oils for sleep and anxiety.

Our two knocks against Endoca are the narrow range of offerings (they only offer two prices) and the high price per mg of CBD relative to the other CBD oil for pain reviews in this list. Here’s the price breakdown:

ProductFlavorCBD contentStrengthCost per mgTotal cost
Raw CBD Oil Unflavored only300 mg30 mg CBD per dose$0.10$31
CBD Oil Unflavored only300 mg30 mg CBD per dose$0.10$31
Raw CBD OilUnflavored only1,500 mg150 mg CBD per dose$0.09$129
CBD OilUnflavored only1,500 mg150 mg CBD per dose$0.09$129

Cost per milligram rounded up to the nearest cent

Endoca’s CBD oils for pain are 100% organic and GMO-free. Their raw formulas are unheated, leaving omegas, vitamins, and minerals intact—and they’re the only company on this review to offer a raw oil. 

Endoca uses a cold manufacturing process that results in CBD extract that’s highly similar to that which is found in the original hemp plant. This is done using a supercritical CO2 extraction process for their CBD. In laymen’s terms, Endoca says their CBD extract is less affected by their extraction process than it would be if it were extracted by a competitor’s process.

About Endoca

Endoca was started by a biotechnology and genetics student in 2010, and is one of the most veteran players in the CBD industry. They grow their hemp organically in Europe. With over 100 employees, their stated goal is to “make CBD commonplace in the homes of people around the world by 2030… just like salt and garlic.”

Do you have your own experience with Endoca CBD that you’d like to share? Email us!

kat's botanicals CBD oil review

Simple, no frills, good deal

Kat’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Joint pain | Pain caused by inflammation | Arthritis

Kat’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oils are perfect for shoppers looking for reasonable deal on a simple, no-frills CBD oil for pain.

The Details

  • Shoppers have reviewed Kat’s Botanicals CBD oil positively for joint pain, pain caused by inflammation, and arthritis
  • Ingredients are all organic and non-GMO, with MCT oil used as carrier 
  • Kat’s Botanicals CBD oil is a good deal—as low as $0.06 per mg CBD
  • Price range: $34.99 to $119.99
  • Hundreds of reviews on their site
  • Free shipping on orders over $100, 30-day full refund guarantee
  • Transparency is just OK—rather than publish 3rd-party lab results on their site, shoppers must request them

What We Like

We like Kat’s Botanicals minimal, no-frills approach to their CBD, which is fairly (and quite competitively) priced. We recommend Kat’s Botanicals CBD for value-focused shoppers who are looking for a straightforward CBD oil without all the bells and whistles. Each of their CBD oil offerings is made of a simple list of ingredients: MCT oil and CBD extract. Additionally, their 2,000 mg bottle contains organic orange flavoring.

What We Think Could Improve

Transparency is big for the editors at The Unwinder, and we see some opportunity for Kat’s to improve here. Customers must email Kat’s to get lab results. From our research, we find the lack published lab results somewhat unusual relative to industry standard. 

The Full Kat’s Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Kat’s Botanicals CBD oil has received positive shopper reviews for joint pain, pain caused by inflammation, and arthritis. Additionally, Kat’s Botanicals CBD oil customers really like their product for sleep, and a fair amount are enthusiastic about how fast they actually receive their orders via post.

Comparatively, the price of Kat’s Botanicals CBD oil is quite good, with prices as low as $0.06 per mg CBD. At $.07 per mg CBD, their least potent bottle is priced very well. This all works out to the following offerings:

ProductFlavorCBD contentStrengthTotal CostCost per mg
CBD Hemp OilUnflavored500 mg bottle16.67 mg CBD per dose$0.07$34.99
CBD Hemp OilUnflavored1,000 mg bottle33.33 mg CBD per dose$0.07$64.99
CBD Hemp OilUnflavored2,500 mg bottle83.33 mg CBD per dose$0.05$119.99

Cost per milligram is rounded up to the nearest cent

Kat’s Botanicals CBD oils use organic MCT oil (derived from coconut oil) as the carrier oil for their CBD. They don’t publish their 3rd-party lab results, which, from our research, is comparatively unusual—instead, they require the customer to email them for this information. That said, their ingredients are 100% organic and non-GMO.

About Kat’s Botanicals

Kat’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is made made by Kat’s Botanicals, an alternative botanicals company founded in 2016. Though they’re based out of New Jersey, they source their hemp and CBD oil from a high-altitude organic farm in Colorado. In addition to CBD oil, Kat’s also sells products like kratom and turmeric. 

Do you have your own experience with Kat’s Botanicals that you’d like to share? Email us!

But Wait, Does CBD Even Work? A Review Of The Science Behind CBD

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about the potential benefits of CBD. And quite frankly, we don’t want you to have to take our word for it. That’s why we had a team of writers and researchers write a thorough, comprehensive look at science behind CBD, the benefits of CBD, how CBD works in the body, dosage recommendations, and so forth. Please click that link and check it out!

Though this article reviews CBD for different types of pain, we are using shopper experiences to tell you what specific type of pain each CBD oil product may help with. That is, we’re taking a look about what shoppers are saying about their experience with each product, and reporting it back to you. To be totally clear, while some of the products in this review claim to be different in their bioavailability, and most of the products differ significantly in their ingredients, none of the products in this review have ‘different’ CBD extract that works in a different way on the body.

About the author

Holden Desalles is a journalist in the new wellness space, covering topics such as CBD, adaptogens, and nootropics. He was formerly a staff writer at the millennial lifestyle website Thought Catalog.

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