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9 Technologies That Could Help Us Defeat COVID-19 (And 9 More Coronavirus Infographics)

As we fight the novel coronavirus on 100s of shores, everyone can do their part to help, however small it may be. From the heroes on the front lines—health care professionals, delivery drivers, grocery store workers—to white collar workers who can help save lives by social distancing, we are all heartened to see everyone contribute to winning this war. With that in mind, our team put together an assortment of helpful (we hope) infographics, medically-reviewed by health care professionals, for the purpose of helping us all get through this. Please feel free to take these infographics and put them on your website or your social media accounts.

You can access and download all these images from our Google Drive folder. If you do use these, attribution to would be greatly appreciated.

9 Technologies That Could Help Us Defeat COVID-19

coronavirus infographics full 9 technologies

Common Household Materials That Can Be Used As A Mask For Coronavirus

how to make a coronavirus mask

Why Wear A Mask For Coronavirus?

masks and covid-19

Why Wear A Mask + Common Household Materials That Can Be Used As A Mask Combined

why you should wear a mask

Quarantine Relationship Goals Challenge

quarantine relationship goals

How CBD Can Help Manage Stress During The Pandemic

CBD and coronavirus

What To Do If You’re Laid Off During The Coronavirus

coronavirus unemployment tips

Social Distancing Health And Staying Sane Challenge

Social distancing challenge

How To Socialize Safely After Quarantine (Medically-Reviewed)

socialize safely coronavirus

6 Supplements That Will Help You Handle Coronavirus-Related Stress

supplements for coronavirus stress


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