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What Is The Kava High Like?

Does Kava Get You High?

Let’s get started by answering the question of “can kava get you high?”. The simple answer is that you can experience a high-like feeling with psychoactive effects if you take a high enough dose. But, the specific effect can depend on the dose and other factors which we will cover in this article as well as going through what a typical kava experience can feel like. So if you’re wondering does kava make you high, the answer is that it can provide a feeling that mimics a high. 

What Does Kava Feel Like, And What’s The Kava High Like?

Many people wonder, “how does kava make you feel”? Kava’s psychoactive effects come from the active substance known as kavalactones. A kava extract high is usually mellow and leaves you feeling relaxed. Kava onset usually occurs within 20 minutes. The specific feeling of a kava root high and a kava tea high can depend on the dose, but below are some of the most common features you can expect to experience. 

Overall, the kava high induces feelings of calm and relaxation. 

Kava Reviews

Kava reviews and experiences can differ depending on the dosage and individual. Here are some distinct Kava Kava reviews that we found.

One user noted that they felt relaxed and more social. They noted that their experience was similar to drinking alcohol and smoking weed but remained distinct. 

Another user spoke about attaining euphoria and an outgoing mood after drinking kava tea on an empty stomach. It’s interesting that the phrase ‘cleaner alcohol’ was used. Many people use Kava to treat anxiety, and one user was able to calm their racing thoughts and feel a sense of relaxation. 

Kava euphoria seems to be one of the most common effects of kava use. It is important to note that a kava experience may differ slightly each time you take the substance. 

Kava Vs. Alcohol

In previous years, there was a misconception that Kava was similar to alcohol in its effects– that it could be addictive and damage the liver.  However, Kava can be utilised as an alternative to alcohol since it has similar effects in allowing people to feel more relaxed, less inhibited and more at ease. 

With alcohol, users can have feelings of withdrawal and hangovers are common. In comparison, Kava does not affect REM sleep, and it can actually aid sleep quality. In the above experiences, you can see how kava and alcohol can elicit similar feelings. But, it is advisable not to take them together due to the risk of liver toxicity and damage. Overall, when it comes to kava vs alcohol, kava is a viable alternative that provides a cleaner euphoric feeling. 

Kava Vs. Xanax

Xanax is a benzodiazepine that is primarily used as a short-term measure to treat anxiety, but it is often taken recreationally. Effects include anxiety relief, easing of muscle tension, a calming feeling, and relief from insomnia. These are similar to Kava, which is also known for its relaxing effects. However, one key difference is that Kava does not have serious withdrawal effects, as is the case with Xanax

A Reddit user suffering from long-term benzo withdrawal symptoms was able to find relief with Kava. Generally, you should not take kava with Xanax since this can lead to greater side effects.    When it comes to kava vs Xanax, Kava provides a much safer way to achieve a feeling of calm. 

Kava Dosage To Get High

The required kava kava dosage to get high (ie experience psychoactive effects) depends on how you make it. The strongest potency of Kava tends to come from a traditional Kava brew made with powder. 

So how many mg of kava to get you high?  The answer to how many kava pills to get high depends on how much active kava is in the pills.When considering how much kava powder to get high, you should aim for a dose of 250mg of kavalactones. Overall, the optimum kava dosage to get high will depend on how much kavalactones are in the kava that you take.

Best Kava For Euphoria

If you’re planning to buy kava online and want a product that will help you experience the kava high, then Drink Root Kava is the place to go. Drink Root Kava offers dehydrated kava juice that has a high kavalactone concentration, is free of kava root, and does not contain flavokavains. Its Instant Connoisseur blend contains 10.2% kavalactones and is a dihydrokavain (DHK) heavy blend – which is exactly what you want if you’re seeking both its euphoric and body sedation effects.

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