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Argentyn 23 Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol Review – Better Than Colloidal?

For centuries, silver has been revered for its ability to support immune health and protect against infection. In recent years, breakthroughs in colloidal technology have unlocked powerful new benefits of silver in the form of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. This advanced supplement represents the next generation of colloidal silver, with superior purity, safety and efficacy compared to traditional silver products.

The Storied History of Silver

Silver’s usage in medicine and health spans over 2,000 years. Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Phoenician civilizations used silver vessels to store and purify drinking water, to preserve its freshness. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, was one of the first to describe silver’s antimicrobial properties and its ability to guard against disease.

Later, during the 1800s, silver nitrate was applied to battlefield wounds as an antiseptic. Fine silver wires used as sutures were found to promote faster healing. Silver nitrate also treated infections of the eyes in newborns. During the Civil War, silver foils wrapped around wounds prevented sepsis, saving many soldiers’ lives.

In the late 19th century, silver gained recognition as a public health tool. People used silver coinage to keep milk and water fresh, reducing bacterial growth. Today, silver coats medical tools like endotracheal breathing tubes and catheters prevent microbe proliferation. After NASA incorporated silver water filters on the space shuttle, the technology was brought back to Earth for civilian water purification.

Clearly, silver has a rich history of supporting wellness through its antimicrobial power. But modern innovations in colloidal chemistry have taken silver supplementation to bold new frontiers.

Overcoming the Limitations of Colloidal Silver

For many years, colloidal silver products have been used as natural antibacterial and immune-supporting supplements. However, traditional colloidal silver suffers from several drawbacks. Batch-to-batch inconsistencies in particle size and purity are typical. Some products contain undisclosed contaminants or silver compounds rather than pure colloidal silver.

These deficiencies undermine colloidal silver’s efficacy and safety profile. However, exciting advances in nanoengineering have paved the way for a new generation of silver hydrosols.

Why Argentyn 23 Is Different

Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol represents a significant advancement in silver supplementation. It is produced using a proprietary process that ensures consistent particle size, purity and stability. This results in highly bioavailable silver ions, allowing for optimal absorption and easy excretion from the body.

With an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nm (nanometers), Argentyn 23 has >98% bioavailability, meaning almost all the silver provides immune support with very little waste. The smaller particle size also yields greater surface area and efficacy – so 23 ppm is more effective than products with up to 1,000 ppm!

Unparalleled Safety You Can Trust

Argentyn 23 stands apart not just for better performance but also for its pristine safety profile. Even long-term ingestion does not cause silver accumulation in the body. This virtually eliminates the risk of argyria, a harmless but irreversible skin discoloration that very high silver intake can trigger over time.

One study found that taken three times daily, Argentyn 23 remains below the EPA’s recommended long-term dosage even after 70 years! It also does not disrupt the balance of gut flora, even at extremely high dosages. Gentle enough for ages four and above, Argentyn 23 offers robust immune support without compromise.

Applications in Integrative Health

This innovative silver hydrosol enables several wellness-supporting applications:

  • Immune Support: As an ultrafine silver supplement, Argentyn 23 supports immune health and overall well-being. It’s sold in bottles from 1oz to 64oz, with spray, dropper, and twist cap options.
  • Nasal Wash: The drug-free nasal spray uses Argentyn 23 to flush out sinus irritants, promote clear breathing, and support immune defense.
  • Topical Silver Gel: This homeopathic first-aid gel utilizes Argentyn 23 to soothe skin and accelerate the healing of minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and irritation.

Argentyn 23’s cutting-edge formula empowers holistic healers to harness the full potential of silver. Its antimicrobial and immune-supporting properties enable innovative therapies not possible with outdated colloidal silver products.

The Future of Responsible Silver Innovation

Natural Immunogenics, producers of the Argentyn 23 brand, are industry leaders in silver hydrosol technology. Their patented production process allows for unparalleled quality control and consistency. This ensures every bottle provides maximum efficacy and safety.

Natural Immunogenics’ commitment to research and responsible innovation pushes silver hydrosol technology to new heights. They continue pioneering new ways that ultrafine silver can promote wellbeing. Argentyn 23 paves the way for the next generation of silver supplementation.

The full therapeutic spectrum of silver is still being unlocked. But thanks to breakthroughs in nanoengineering, this precious metal’s centuries-old health benefits have been reborn in Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. Harnessing silver’s potential has never been easier or more effective. The future of silver for immune support is brighter than ever.

About the author

Holden Desalles is a journalist in the new wellness space, covering topics such as CBD, adaptogens, and nootropics. He was formerly a staff writer at the millennial lifestyle website Thought Catalog.