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The Apolla Compression Socks That Appeared On Shark Tank Are Well Worth Your Money

When it comes to performance and health, you may not think that much about what socks you wear. 

However, it’s becoming more widely accepted that compression socks offer some potential health benefits. 

And one company in particular that is exploding in popularity with their line of compression socks is Apolla. 

Due to the hype, we were interested in seeing if there were any noticeable benefits of the Apolla compression socks, so we tried them out. 

Featured product

Apolla Compression Socks

Initially created to enhance performance and recovery for dancers, they’re now being offered to everyone, and are growing in popularity quickly. 

About Apolla Compression Socks

Apolla’s compression socks are designed to be the world’s best compression socks. They were actually featured on Shark Tank and gained popularity for their comfort and support. 

The socks were initially created to enhance performance and recovery for dancers. But they now are being offered to everyone and are growing in popularity quickly. 

Apolla Compression Socks are featured for their enhanced compression, ankle stability, arch support, and energy absorption. 

This is all due to the high-quality technology and patented targeted compression system along with heel padding in the design. Plus, they have moisture-wicking properties and are designed with eco-friendly materials. 

All in all, Apolla is made to be much more beyond your typical sock, made for dancers and athletes, and anyone who wants more comfort and support from their socks.

But does it actually have any benefits? Read on below to see what we found. 

Trying out the Apolla Compression Socks

We were interested in seeing if the Apolla Compression Socks actually had noticeable benefits, so we tried them out. 

Right after putting them on, we noticed how comfortable they were. And they seemed to be really supportive, almost like a shoe but not to that degree. 

They were also very comfortable moving around in and seemed to offer protection from impact during jumping, sprinting, and other high-impact activities. 

On top of that, they simply made it easier to stand and be on our feet all day without getting as tired. 

Standing up and doing any sort of activity can be hard on the feet, but with Apolla Compression socks, we really felt that we had more energy and less fatigue. 

Also, the Apolla Compression socks were really nice for controlling sweating. While they didn’t completely eliminate this, most of us noticed a reduction in sweating and the dreaded foot odor that comes from physical activity (or simply wearing socks and shoes all day).

Different Varieties

Also, Apolla offers a number of different forms of compression socks depending on your preferences. 

They were initially made for dancers, but are now offered to pretty much everyone. 

Currently, they offer the following socks:

  • Bare Foot Support
  • No Show
  • Crew
  • Mid Calf

And they also come in a number of different colors, such as nude, black, brown, pink, white or gray (color options depend on which type of sock you get). 

Plus, they come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so it is very likely that you can find one that fits you. 

Overall, we liked the different varieties of Apolla and thought that it was nice to have different options depending on one’s needs and preferences. 


Lastly, we wanted to talk about the price of these compression socks. 

Make no mistake, Apolla Compression Socks are not cheap. One pair costs anywhere from $34 to $38, so they are pricey. But we think that they’re still worth the price, especially for anyone that needs significant support, comfort, and/or stability on a daily basis. 

Overall, we found that the Apolla Compression Socks lived up to the hype. They were comfortable, supportive, and durable. And these compression socks likely provide support and stability for dancers, other athletes, and anyone on their feet all day or dealing with tired, achy feet. 

While they are expensive, we still recommend them since we think the benefits are worth it, especially for athletes, people with foot pain, and anyone who is on their feet a lot. 

If you’re interested in buying the Apolla Compression Socks, you can find them here on the Apolla website. 

About the author

Jack Cincotta has a M.S. degree in Psychology. He is also a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results. In addition to running his holistic health practice, Jack also is an independent researcher and writer with a focus on health optimization content. Overall, he has been in the health and wellness industry for 3 years.

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