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Unwinding Tatiana Lampa, Founder of Training with T

Tatiana Lampa lives in Florida and has numerous credentials for helping clients with their fitness. In addition to her degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, she is a certified personal trainer, functional strength coach, and corrective exercise specialist. Her app, Training with T, provided workout videos to people while they stayed at home during COVID-19 shutdowns. She is also the creator of Move Better, a 12-week program designed to train muscles while relieving pain and preventing injury.

What is the story behind the creation of your app, Training with T?

I’ve always wanted to connect with more people and the creation of the TRAINING WITH T APP was the perfect outlet to do so. I am big on strength training, HIIT and providing high energy workouts. I believe, as a coach, that to push someone to keep going is to have an infectious energy that will help excel the client. With the TRAINING WITH T APP, my goal was to create workouts that are easily accessible at home and fun to do. You’ll see I have some challenges on the app, which have been such a big hit. This has brought the TWT community together during “challenge season.”

Did you have to change your routine to stay healthy and well during the COVD-19 pandemic?

Yes, I absolutely had to. I previously had an extremely active lifestyle that consisted of 4:30 am wake up calls and finishing my day at 9 pm. Coming from NYC we spent a lot of time walking, going to in-person meetings and events. With COVID everything slowed down. That meant less walking and more computer work. I tried my best to work with what I had but I had to make some major adjustments to stay healthy. I focused on healthy choices and tried to make moving my body a priority.

What is one interesting thing about you that your followers wouldn’t know? 

Oh gosh! I absolutely love playing flip cup!

How do you stay energized and avoid burnout?

Avoiding burn out is EXTREMELY tough! Just when I think I can find a few days off, something always comes up. The best way I stay energized is to prioritize sleep and fuel my body with the proper nutrition. What I put in my body is SUPER important to keep my energy up!

What is one myth about fitness that you wish would go away?

That lifting weights makes you bulky. Every time someone says that I want to cringe!

What is the one health product you think everyone should own?

I could recommend so many! But something everyone should own is a foam roller. I love my Hyperice products; but if you’re not looking to spend too much, a foam roller will do you good!

You can find more of Tatiana here and more of Training with T here, here, and here.

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