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Do Vibration Plates Work? An In-Depth Review Of The Research Supporting The Benefits Of Vibration Plates

Vibration plates, also known as shaking platforms, are low-impact machines that generate whole-body vibrations which improve muscle contraction. They have swept the fitness world by storm due to their weight loss benefits and potentially provide similar, if not the same, benefits as some forms of exercise. Furthermore, vibration plates have been heavily marketed as revolutionary machines that improve bone health and skin texture as well as eliminate pain throughout the body.

So, do vibration plates really live up to the hype? And if so, how exactly do they work?

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about vibration plates including what research says about their benefits and potential side effects. We’ll also discuss how to use vibration plates and provide our reviews of the best vibration plates on the market right now. 

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Vibration Plates Studies

Numerous studies have shown that vibration plates do more than just burn calories. According to research, vibration plates can help relieve back pain, fibromyalgia, and cellulite as well as increase bone density.

Let’s now take a closer look at specific studies related to each of these benefits.

Vibration Plates For Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most popular benefit associated with the use of vibration plates. In fact, several studies have suggested that using vibration plates can help you improve body composition and may benefit overweight people in the long run by lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease.

A systematic study from Italy reviewed different published papers on whole-body vibration training in obese subjects. It reviewed a total of 18 articles published between 2010 and 2017 and the researchers assessed each study’s impact on body composition, cardiovascular status, and functional performance in obese adults.

They also used the concept of whole-body training to target various muscle groups and stimulate eccentric-concentric muscular work along with reflexive muscle contraction. In summary, they found that 6 to 12 weeks of whole-body vibration training reduced fat mass and improved cardiac autonomic function.

Another systematic review investigated whether whole-body vibration therapy could aid in the reduction of fat mass in healthy, overweight, and obese adults. The researchers reviewed 2,420 studies and chose 1,603 for the title and abstract screening. The results showed that whole-body vibration therapy positively affected fat mass reduction, especially when combined with traditional weight-loss interventions, such as diet and other forms of exercise.

This systematic study supports another pilot study that was conducted on whole-body vibration training with endurance training in obese women. The researchers looked at anthropometric measures, phase angle, body composition, and resting energy expenditure for two groups before and after training.

According to the study, waist circumference decreased significantly during the training period while body weight remained constant. However, researchers found that by enhancing the effect of whole-body vibration training, the phase angle, body cell mass, and fat mass percentage decreased in both conditions. The results demonstrated that whole-body vibration training is more effective when added to endurance training on the bioelectrical phase angle. 

Vibration Plates For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a severe condition that causes pain all over the body as well as insomnia, fatigue, depression, and memory problems. People with fibromyalgia frequently experience more pain than those who do not have it and the condition can be caused by an injury, viral infection, or a stressful event.

One study reviewed 8 different kinds of literature on the effects of whole-body vibration therapy in fibromyalgia patients. The articles mostly measured the fatigue level, disability index, health-related quality of life, and pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Power Plate and Galileo vibration platforms that were used in the study.

According to the study’s findings, whole-body vibration can be an effective treatment for fibromyalgia and it can either be primary therapy or added to a physical program to boost your balance and health-related quality of life. Vibration therapy was especially helpful for balance and disability index.

Vibration Plates For Back Pain

Research states that vibration therapy could help people suffering from back pain, particularly in the lower back. A common cause of lower back pain is a weakening of lower back muscles caused by prolonged sitting, which tightens some muscles and puts stress on your back.

WBV has been shown in studies to strengthen many of these muscles comfortably, thereby improving back health. Using vibration plates releases endorphins which ease back pain and give you reprieve as you strengthen your muscles. 

One study confirmed the effect of whole-body vibration therapy and traditional physiotherapy on postural stability in people with back pain. The study used a 2-step prospective randomized trial by evaluating the postural stability of 65 patients with back pain. They were divided into two groups, with the first receiving whole-body vibration therapy and the second receiving physiotherapy. Then, they compared the differences in postural stability between patients with and without back pain. Most importantly, the researchers looked at the impact of whole-body vibration therapy and physiotherapy on postural stability and the effect of depressive symptoms and pain.

The results showed that both the physiotherapy and WBV groups experienced increased postural stability. However, the whole body vibration therapy group performed significantly better in strength improvement, pain management, and postural stability. Whether physiotherapy or whole-body vibration therapy is used, the results show that both can help with postural stability and back pain.

Another study conducted in China used a systematic review approach to investigate the efficacy of whole-body vibration therapy in people with low back pain. The researchers based their findings on 6 published articles on the effects of whole-body vibration training on patients suffering from low back pain and 4 of 6 studies showed that whole-body vibration training can help people cope with back pain better when compared to the control group.

Vibration Plates For Cellulite

Cellulite is a buildup of fat that pushes the tissue beneath the skin, giving it a lumpy or bloated appearance. Cellulite dominance varies from person to person due to genetics, age, and skin thickness. This condition is more common in women and is most commonly observed on the stomach, thighs, legs, and buttocks.

Although vibration plate training does not eliminate cellulite, it does boost skin tightening which can improve the appearance of cellulite. Vibration promotes adipocyte apoptosis and fibroblast stimulation in which fat cells are encouraged to die off prematurely. In contrast, collagen cells are encouraged to replace the dead fat cells and increase elastin production. 

A controlled clinical trial was conducted to investigate the effect of using whole-body vibration to reduce cellulite in women’s gluteal regions. 42 women were divided into 2 groups: 1 for whole-body vibration testing and the other for control.

In the perimetry and body contour analysis, there was no difference between the intragroup and intergroup groups. The whole-body vibration group differed from the control group only in terms of improvement by assessing the blind reviewers and esthetic satisfaction.

Interestingly, when evaluated by blind reviewers, whole-body vibration improved the appearance of cellulite and significantly improved the superficial skin temperature of the gluteal region.

Vibration Plates For Bone Density

Bone density is the amount of calcium and minerals in your bone. The more minerals you have, the stronger, denser, and less prone to breaking your bones are. Bone density changes throughout a person’s life and one of the reasons older people have difficulty walking, maintaining balance, and even moving their bodies is due to reduced bone density. Low bone density is frequently associated with fractured bones or an unbalanced posture.

There have been conflicting studies on whether whole-body vibration therapy improves bone strength. Some studies, however, confirm an increase in bone density, particularly in the hips, making it an important factor in improving bone strength.

In a randomized trial, researchers optimized low-frequency vibratory exercise to reduce bone fracture compared to walking. 28 postmenopausal women were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups: whole-body vibration or walking. The 2 experimental programs each held 3 sessions per week for 8 months, with the times per session varying depending on the program type.

After 8 months of sessions, the bone mass density at the femoral neck increased by 4.3 percent in the whole body vibration group compared to the walking group. The bone mass density at the lumbar spine remained constant between the 2 groups, but balance improved by 29% in the whole body vibration group.

Another study shared a similar result. It examined the effects of side-alternating vibration therapy on physical function, bone health, and muscle health in adolescents with Down syndrome. 14 adolescents with Down syndrome performed daily vibration treatment for 20 weeks on a Galileo vibration platform. 

After 20 weeks, the participants improved their walking distance, 2-leg single jump, and jump velocity. There was also an increase in bone mineral density, bone mineral content, fat-free mass, and lean mass. The researchers then concluded that side-alternating vibration therapy increases physical function, muscle mass, and bone health in adolescent patients with Down syndrome while having no adverse side effects.

Side Effects Of Vibration Plates     

Vibration plates are undoubtedly effective and safe to use. However, their use does involve side effects in some cases, as do most products. As it turns out, standing on a vibration plate for more than 30 minutes is not good for your body’s other tissues and organs as excessive vibration can harm the cartilages in your knee and hip joints, as well as the retina in your eyes and other organs.

Bone Fractures

Vibration plates are known to increase bone density, limiting the risk of experiencing bone fractures, as mentioned earlier in its benefits. However, a review study regarding the potential benefits and inherent risks of vibration stated that high-intensity vibration could cause bone fractures. Despite considering vibration plates as a possible treatment, patients with osteoporosis are still at risk of bone fractures.

The review study may contradict previous studies, but it is important to note that low-intensity vibration increases bone density. The general composition of the bone is affected by differences in vibration density. High intensity can result in a fracture, whereas a low intensity increases bone density.


Repeated or continuous exposure to vibration may result in some form of pain. According to one study, long-term exposure increases the risk of developing neck, back, hand, hip, shoulder, and leg pain, particularly for laborers, truck drivers, and construction workers.

The study is not related to vibration machines, but rather work-related vibration sources such as delivery vehicles, construction site vibrations, and more. However, if you use vibration plates, this effect is still possible.

Additional Side Effects

Other potential risks related to prolonged use of vibration plates include blurred vision, headaches, and joint pain. Furthermore, there is an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, and nerve damage.

Who Can’t Use Vibration Plates?

Vibration plates are not for everyone. They must be used with caution, just like any other piece of exercise equipment. Let’s quickly review the types of people who should not use vibration plates.

People With Cardiovascular Conditions

People who have heart disease or have had a heart attack in the past should avoid the use of vibration plates. The intense vibrations may aggravate the condition and put additional strain on their cardiovascular system. The same warning applies to people who have a pacemaker, a blood clotting disorder, or have had a stroke.

People With Orthopedic Injuries

Vibration plates can be dangerous for people who have recently suffered orthopedic injuries such as sprains, strains, tears, or surgery. While it is a low-impact machine, the vibration may cause muscle contractions, which can cause further injuries and dislodge stitching in those who have recently had surgery.

People Who Have Undergone A Procedure To Have Metal Plating, Pins, And Bolts

It is not advised to use vibration plates if you have had procedures that require the placement of objects in your body. These objects may become dislodged due to the whole-body vibration, which may cause pain and even require procedures to repair fittings.

Pregnant Women

There has been very little research into the effects of whole-body vibrations on pregnant women. However, it has long been recommended to avoid any vibration as it may pose risks to the fetus inside the womb.

According to a 1993 study, long-term work-related vibrations may play a role in an increased risk of stillbirth, fetal damage, or miscarriage.

How To Use Vibration Plates

Using vibration plates does not require any extensive adjustments or lengthy set-ups. You just need to plug your vibration plate into a power source and start your session.

There are two ways to use a vibration plate – you can stand still while maintaining a series of poses or perform different exercises while standing or holding on to it. 

The recommended time for using a vibration plate is 15 to 30 minutes per session, with 2 to 4 sessions per week. The vibration frequency must also be kept at a low intensity, although increasing the vibration intensity is possible only for a limited time. Remember that there are risks involved if you’re using the machine more than the recommended time.

There are different vibration plates, and setting them up may vary from product to product. The only thing guaranteed is their functionality. Some vibration plates allow different levels of vibration and features as we’ll discuss more in detail below.

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What To Look For When Buying Vibration Plates

Buying a vibration plate may seem easy at first glance, but you need to be highly selective when making a purchase. A substandard vibration will waste your money without providing you with any benefit. Many scammers also sell low-quality vibration plates for a low price, so you must verify their legitimacy or only choose trustworthy e-commerce platforms.

When selecting a vibration plate, always consider the type and intensity of vibration used as well as unique features.

Platform Type

Vibration types provide different benefits depending on their motion. These vibrations are distinguished by the platform types, namely the oscillating platform and tri-planar platform. 

Oscillating platforms have a seesaw motion that mimics walking and effectively burns calories to lose weight. On the other hand, tri-planar platforms move up and down, effectively improving muscle mass and increasing bone density. 

Each type provides a unique benefit, so you must decide which one will best help you achieve your goal. If you want to lose weight, an oscillating platform is the way to go, but if you’re going to build muscle, a tri-planar platform is your best bet.

Vibration Intensity

The intensity of vibration plates varies according to the vibration frequency, or the number of oscillations per second. Vibration intensity is commonly measured in hertz (Hz), and the nominal frequency range for vibration training must be between 20 Hz and 40 Hz.

Most vibration trainers operate in a limited range of 15 Hz to 35 Hz, while some are within 30 Hz to 50 Hz. You should ensure that the vibration plate you’ll buy has the nominal range or your desired intensity.

Unique Features

A vibration plate containing a unique feature sets it apart from others. These are beneficial, especially for people who want the best plate features. 

One feature that we can cite is a vibration plate containing pre-set training programs that can work for several muscle groups. These programs are customizable, offering different frequency settings and modules that design suitable exercises for your convenience. 

How To Find The Right Vibration Plate On Amazon

Finding the right vibration plate on Amazon can be challenging and confusing, especially when reading the product descriptions. To choose the best vibration plate, consider the most important factors by reading user reviews.

Product reviews are helpful because they are written by real people who have used the machine for several months. The most useful ones come from individuals in a specific niche and experts such as athletes. 

We recommend sorting vibration plates with at least four stars with numerous ratings. It will allow you to shorten the lists to a few products. Next,  take note of the factors mentioned earlier and consider if it applies to the current price.

Let our strategy serve as a basis to help you pick the right vibration plate. In the end, it is still your choice, depending on what suits your preference.

What Are The Most Trustworthy Vibration Plate Brands?

When selecting a vibration plate, you should look for the best brands that provide a great deal and experience. There are dozens of vibration plate brands available right now, but only a few made our list of the best and most trustworthy brands.

Eilison Fitabs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

EILISON FITABS Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Eilison is one of the leading brand names when it comes to health and fitness products. For the past 10 years, Eilison has been serving people in 20 countries with products such as vibration plates, foot spas, foot massagers, treadmills, massage belts, and many more.

Eilison is undoubtedly the best brand if you’re looking for vibration plates of any kind. The brand offers vibration plates for standing, working out, losing weight, and shiatsu acupressure massage, all of which come with remote control and loop bands. 

Eilison Fitabs vibration plate exercise machine comes with unique features such as a removable vibrating seat equipped with noise cancelation technology, remote control automation, an adjustable spleen, a built-in timer, and 3 levels of training mode. Its vibration speed can also go from 1 to 99, making it one of the highest vibrating plates in the market. 

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate

LifePro is a relatively new brand that was founded in 2017. Despite being a relative newcomer, it quickly made a name for itself in the health and wellness industry thanks to its physical recovery equipment that is trusted by physical therapists, professional athletes, and personal trainers.

It was founded by two friends who suffered from severe ACL injuries that wanted to provide all of the equipment needed to lose weight and recover from injury. LifePro’s vibration plate guarantees accessibility wherever you go and it comprises a flat surface with a metallic design and resistance bands. Aside from that, the LifePro Waver Vibration plate is not just for fat loss, but it can also help strengthen the joint and improve blood circulation. 

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Trainer

Confidence Fitness leads the way with innovative products that dazzle the market while ensuring the safety of its customers. Despite the limited number of products, the brand is among the top 50 vibration plate choices.

Since their fitness vibration machine lacks seats, they’re only suitable for standing exercises. Unlike other vibration machines, Confidence Fitness includes a control panel and rail handles to help people who can’t balance well, particularly the elderly. It can also be used to keep a person on track during single-leg exercise or high-intensity vibrations.

Super Deal Pro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Super Deal, as the name suggests, is a low-cost brand that provides high-quality products for customer satisfaction. The brand was among the first to conceptualize low-cost vibration plates by eliminating unnecessary parts to reduce financial losses in case of defects.

Super Deal is the best option if you’re just getting started with vibration plates. Their Super Deal Pro is a low-cost vibration plate that costs only a hundred dollars, which is comparable to the prices of other top brands. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is also portable and simple to use. You can attach resistance bands to it and control its automation with remote control.

Vibration Plates FAQs

How often can you use a vibration plate?

A vibration plate should be used for 15 to 30 minutes per session, with two to four sessions per week. You can go higher or lower, but it’s not ideal to use it for more extended periods. Find a vibration plate trainer to assist you in determining the best time to use the machine.

How long should you use a vibration plate?

15 to 30 minutes is the recommended time for staying on a vibration plate. Going above that each time you use the vibration plate puts your body at risk of developing health-related conditions rather than benefiting from it.

Try it for a few minutes and see how your body reacts. When you experience discomfort or dizziness, it is best to stop and seek medical attention before attempting it again.

What does a vibration plate do for your body?

Vibration plates are beneficial to the body in a variety of ways. Numerous studies suggest that it can help with weight loss, back pain, fibromyalgia, cellulite, and bone density. Further research into vibration plates will reveal more benefits in the future, as more people become interested in using them. 

Improper usage of vibration plates can harm your body rather than help it. As a result, users should still exercise caution to avoid complications. Staying on a vibration plate for an extended period can result in body pain, dizziness, headaches, and other conditions. The same is true for using it frequently throughout the week. 

It is important to note that the benefits of a vibration plate do not become apparent in a matter of days or weeks. It takes months to notice the difference in your body.

What is the best vibration plate?

Ellison Fitabs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is the best vibration plate currently available. Its features are unique since it offers a wide range of adjustability, a timer to keep track of your session, and different intensity levels. Many reviews also state how effective Ellison Fitabs Vibration Plate is, assuring the product’s credibility. 

How many calories do you burn on a vibration plate?

Since vibration plates contract the muscles far more effectively than regular exercise, more calories get burned per minute. The estimated calories burned for a ten-minute whole-body vibration session ranges between 150 and 200 calories. 

It depends on whether you’re incorporating any exercise or you’re just standing still. Performing other activities guarantees more calories burned per minute than just standing, but it still depends on your condition. Any of the two still burn more calories than regular exercise.

Are vibration plates safe?

Yes, vibration plates are safe if used for the recommended time and number of sessions per week. As long as you’re consistent with your sessions, you’ll see the results you’re looking for within a few months.

Do vibration plates work if you stand on them?

Yes, vibration plates work if you’re standing still or you want to exercise on them. The most basic instructions for using a vibration plate often state standing still and maintaining a series of standing poses. This method is ideal for observing what the vibrations do to your body or how your body reacts to vibration. 

However, it’s still up to you whether you prefer to stand still or perform any exercise. 

How do vibration plates work?

Vibration plates work by sending vibrations to the body, which causes the muscles to contract. Standard exercises contract muscles once or twice per second, whereas vibration plates contract muscles 30 to 50 times per second. The contraction burns more calories and benefits the body in other ways.

Who cannot use vibration plates?

Vibration plates should not be used by people who have the following conditions because they may harm their bodies or make their symptoms worse:

  • Pregnant Women
  • People with Cardiovascular and Respiratory Conditions
  • People that have recently undergone surgeries
  • People with bone and muscle injuries

Even if you don’t have any of the listed conditions, it’s still recommended to consult with a doctor before using a vibration plate. Get yourself checked first because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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