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Our Pick For The Best Portable Blender In 2020

Vejo portable blender

Best Travel Blender

Vejo Portable Blender Starter Kit

Best portable smoothie blender

The Vejo travel blender is an ingenious device that can make travel healthier, and cut a trip or two to the restaurant out of your itinerary. Its format is smoothie pods—think a Keurig machine for smoothies—that are easy to travel with and provide a nutrient-rich, healthy meal on the go. Just add cold water. You drink the smoothie from this small travel blender—it doubles as a thermos—and it’s powered by a rechargeable battery, so it’s wireless.

Staying healthy on a trip can be difficult. You’re more likely to experience acute stress and sleep interruption, more likely to eat high-sodium, unhealthy foods—and drink more alcohol—and less likely to exercise.

Vejo pod and blender

If you travel for business often, these factors can become risks for chronic illnesses. One study on business travel found that people who spent 14 or more nights a month on business travel were more likely than those who traveled for 6 or fewer nights a month to have a higher body mass index and report symptoms of anxiety and depression, alcohol addiction, poor sleep, and no exercise regimen. People who slept over 21 nights a month on business travel had higher blood pressure and less high-density lipoprotein, the good form of cholesterol.

Other studies have also documented the negative health outcomes associated with frequent travel.

Inside of Vejo blender

Why is this? To start, because you eat out more when you travel. By and large, restaurant food has more calories per serving, has less dietary fiber, and is higher in total fat and saturated fat per calorie. What’s more, eating out is typically the most convenient option available when traveling. And, let’s be honest, eating out is simply thought of as an integral part of being on vacation.

But what if you took a few nights off the restaurant circuit every time you traveled?

The Vejo is a lightweight travel smoothie blender, weighing in at less than a pound and a half, so it can go with you anywhere. Vejo sells various categories of smoothie pods, including those geared toward collagen intake, high-protein diets, pre- and post-workout routines, and health issues such as immunity, sleep, and energy.

Combining so many great nutrition options with such a convenient format, Vejo’s travel smoothie blender ranks as one of the top best travel blender for smoothies we’ve seen this year. Give it a shot.

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