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Our Pick For The Best Portable Blender In 2021

Staying healthy on a trip can be difficult. You’re more likely to experience acute stress and sleep interruption, more likely to eat high-sodium, unhealthy foods—and drink more alcohol—and less likely to exercise.

Vejo pod and blender

If you travel for business often, these factors can become risks for chronic illnesses. One study on business travel found that people who spent 14 or more nights a month on business travel were more likely than those who traveled for 6 or fewer nights a month to have a higher body mass index and report symptoms of anxiety and depression, alcohol addiction, poor sleep, and no exercise regimen. People who slept over 21 nights a month on business travel had higher blood pressure and less high-density lipoprotein, the good form of cholesterol.

Other studies have also documented the negative health outcomes associated with frequent travel.

Inside of Vejo blender

Why is this? To start, because you eat out more when you travel. By and large, restaurant food has more calories per serving, has less dietary fiber, and is higher in total fat and saturated fat per calorie. What’s more, eating out is typically the most convenient option available when traveling. And, let’s be honest, eating out is simply thought of as an integral part of being on vacation.

But what if you took a few nights off the restaurant circuit every time you traveled?

The Vejo is a lightweight travel smoothie blender, weighing in at less than a pound and a half, so it can go with you anywhere. Vejo sells various categories of smoothie pods, including those geared toward collagen intake, high-protein diets, pre- and post-workout routines, and health issues such as immunity, sleep, and energy.

Combining so many great nutrition options with such a convenient format, Vejo’s travel smoothie blender ranks as one of the top best travel blender for smoothies we’ve seen this year. Give it a shot.

Magic Bullet Mini Portable Blender

Conventional (Not Pod-Based) Travel Smoothie Blender

Magic Bullet Mini Portable Blender

The Magic Bullet Mini Portable Blender is perfect for making your own smoothies on the go. Unlike the Vejo blender that uses smoothie pods, you have the freedom to choose your own ingredients and experiment to make the tastiest smoothies. Your range of ingredients can span far and wide as the Magic Bullet’s blades are powerful enough to break down tough seeds and rock-solid ice. Aside from smoothies, you can also use the Magic Bullet to make dressings, protein shakes, and desserts. 

At first glance, you may be worried at the size of the cup attachment, but many customers are amazed at how much smoothie you can make in one use. Considering a Naked Juice protein smoothie comes in 15 ounces, the 16-ounce Magic Bullet cup is certainly enough for a nutritious drink.

The Magic Bullet’s design is incredibly compact and easy to carry around on long trips. However, it may not be suited for wild camping. Sadly, because the engine is so powerful, the 200W motor base doesn’t come with USB charging. On the plus side, you only need to wash the Magic Bullet out with soap and water after use! The Magic Bullet blender is also a much cheaper option than the Vejo blender. 

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender With Travel Lid

Runner Up Conventional Travel Smoothie Blender

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender With Travel Lid

A close runner-up for the best travel smoothie blender title goes to Hamilton Beach’s single-serve blender. At the push of a button, Hamilton Beach’s blender prepares a great tasting smoothie. However, due to the blender’s lighter construction and lower power, this blender does not have the strength to break down ice or tougher fruits like the Magic Bullet. But if you’re looking for a good deal, at only $29.99, this blender is the answer to your smoothie needs.

For travel purposes, the Hamilton Beach blender has a travel lid to take your smoothie with you on the go. The cup is nice and slim too for easy handling. Unfortunately, like the Magic Bullet, this blender doesn’t have the option to charge via USB, so you are constrained to places with electricity. 

On the plus side, the cord coils around the base for easy storage, and the travel cup fits neatly into the motor base. After use, you can wash the cup either by hand or in the dishwasher. Even though Hamilton Beach’s blender isn’t the strongest of the group, it’s ideal for your favorite fresh fruit smoothies.

Gevi Mini Portable Cordless Juicer

 Best Portable Blender For Convenience

Gevi Min Portable Cordless Juicer

For all the fruit juice lovers out there who need their regular fruit hit, the Gevi mini portable cordless juicer is the perfect gift. Simply add the fruit you love into the cup, fit the main engine, and in 40 seconds, you will have a delicious fruit juice drink. Some users have recommended shaking it sideways to get smoother fruit juice. Make sure you don’t mix it upside down! 

You can also add water, milk, or other fluids to make a great smoothie. Some customers on amazon even say that they have used small ice cubes with this juicer to make a thicker, colder juice. Though, this juicer’s blades work at a lower power than other blenders, so it may be best to stick to soft fruits instead to achieve the best result. Please note that large ice cubes might damage this product, although crushed ice is fine.

After use, the juicer can be cleaned in an impressive 10 seconds, ready for your next smoothie craving. The Gevi juicer is BPA-free so you are only going to drink the nutritious fruit in the smoothie. With USB charging, you can take this juicer to the gym, on long plane journeys, or in the office to refill your body’s nutrient stores. After a full charge, the blender can blend 10 times before it needs recharging. This juicer is arguably the perfect travel companion for health nuts.

PopBabies Personal Blender

Best Portable Blender For Convenience

PopBabies Personal Blender

Weighing in at only half a pound, PopBabies personal blender is a handy lightweight, portable companion to keep your health on the right track. The blender can spin fresh or frozen into a delicious smoothie. If you use their free mini ice tray included in your purchase, you can add ice too. Please note that PopBabies does not recommend the use of hot drinks in their blender as it will cause the smoothie to leak out during blending. This blender is BPA free and perfect for creating nutritious smoothies for your children as well as yourself. Imagine going to the gym and needing that protein shake to fuel your body after a great workout – this blender can whizz you a shake within seconds to refuel.

The portability of PopBabies blender makes them stand out a mile from their competitors. The blades are TSA-safe which means you can take this blender with you in cabin luggage if you are traveling by plane. The small opening to this blender also protects your child from injury. The blender itself is so petite you can fit it into any luggage care-free. 

The PopBabies blender is rechargeable via USB so you will have no plug issues abroad. According to the manufacturer, each charge provides you with at least 20 blends before recharging– and what’s better is that the Popbabies blender can blend and charge at the same time. PopBabies have put a lot of thought into how to make the most convenient blender and we highly recommend it.

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