The Unwinder team is deep in the business of wellness-focused content creation and marketing. To wellness product companies, we offer a suite of solutions to grow traffic, improve conversions, and better understand the customer. 

Custom Marketing Programs

The Unwinder reaches nearly 100,000 highly-intentional wellness consumers per month, and 2,500 wellness industry professionals by email each week. While we are selective about our advertising, we do engage on custom, content-driven marketing programs to our audience. 

Content Creation

In health and wellness in particular, the quality-filters of both the consumer and the algorithms are turned all the way up. Being a trusted voice is not easy, and not everyone understands the complicated and personal nature of wellness. 

The Unwinder team creates dozens of high-quality wellness articles monthly, and can extend this capability to your team cost-effectively. 

SEO Strategy & Planning

Health and wellness may be the hardest topics to rank for in search. Google looks for signals of authority and trustworthiness that may not be obvious to a standard SEO. 

The Unwinder is battle-tested in SEO-ing the health and wellness space. We can audit your content, create a strategy and a plan, and leave your team with a content roadmap and clear sense of what to do next. 

Social Media Strategy & Ad Buying

While The Unwinder is not, today, a social media-focused site, our founders together have built and control social media accounts with hundreds of millions of cumulative followers. We also understand how social media ad buying works, with a relentless ROI focus.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy 

Affiliate marketing is another pandora’s box – what is the best way to do it for your brand? The Unwinder can build custom affiliate marketing strategies, from target partner lists through business development reach outs, campaign activation, and revenue optimization.

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